Digital connectivity for trouble-free utilisation of train paths

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Timetable and capacity management

Combining punctuality with maximum capacity

Article: Digital connectivity for trouble-free utilisation of train paths

All trains move in time with our timetables. They are therefore an essential starting point when it comes to achieving more efficiency and resilience for Strong Rail through ideal digital connectivity.

What capacity utilisation is possible on a given route? What is the ideal service frequency and the ideal departure time for regional and long distance services and for freight transport to ensure that all journeys harmonise with one another? That is the task of capacity management. Digitalisation of timetable management makes it possible to harmonise and simulate data from numerous sources and subsequently calculate ideal models. This allows us to plan capacities and train paths automatically.

"Together with our partners, we create scalable digital solutions – for more traffic on the rails and resilient timetables, thus creating the foundation for the Germany-wide integrated regular-interval timetable."

Stefan Hartmann, Digital Lead Timetable and Capacity Management, DB Systel

Profile picture Stefan Hartmann

Digital solutions are needed to handle even more transport by rail. This is the only way we can increase the capacity of the rail network and develop resilient timetables. In preparation for the interconnection process that is about to start, we at DB Systel are already building up expertise in this area in order to validate new fields of action and business ideas and to continue their development together with our partners. 

How DB Systel supports capacity planning:

  • Coordination of IT tools within the capacity management platform 
  • Advice on traffic management for smooth-running operations
  • Monitoring and analysis to find potential for improvement

Smart traffic management


The CTMS capacity-boosting traffic control system is a long-term goal within the framework of Digital Rail for Germany. CTMS monitors and controls train movements and vehicle maintenance on a broad basis focussing on maximum capacity.


The neXt programme develops digital solutions for timetable and path planning. Digital timetables for rail companies can be produced digitally in just a few minutes. Ordering train paths is also possible by digital means in just a few minutes.


iTraiN stands for "interaktive Trassenkonstruktion im Netzfahrplan" (interactive train path planning in the working timetable) and is a step on the way to the gradual automation of the working timetable. Among other tasks, users can calculate paths for new rail links or reroutings for engineering works.

Integrierte Fahrplan Plattform (Integrated Timetable Platform)

In future, the Integrated Timetable Platform will be the tool used for all-encompassing timetable planning. To realise this vision, we are creating a modular timetable planning system with solid platform-based software architecture.

Do you have any questions about timetable and capacity management, our projects or a specific requirement? We look forward to hearing from you.