Your service toolkit for fast, comprehensive solutions

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Services, APIs and integration

For the optimal digitalisation of Deutsche Bahn's business processes

Article: Your service toolkit for fast, comprehensive solutions

We make information, data and services available digitally across the Group so that new, overarching applications and business models can be created with minimal effort.

In order for a new business idea or existing applications to become high-quality digital solutions, in practice numerous data sources, interfaces and business processes have to be connected first. This creates a lot of work, generates high costs and slows down the pace of innovation. Deutsche Bahn overcomes this challenge with the help of APIs (application programming interfaces). With Deutsche Bahn's central API platforms, both DB-internal and external digital services and interfaces are made available as APIs ready for use. In this way, Deutsche Bahn is creating something new and benefitting from what already exists at the same time.

"APIs form the basis for new digital business models and user groups for the DB Group. With the DB API Marketplace, we have created a central showroom for external interested parties and we intend to expand this further."

Julius Meinung, Senior Manager Platforms – Enterprise Integration, Deutsche Bahn AG

Profile picture Julius Meinung

A marketplace for DB digital services

DB's business units are working together to open up new potential and cross digital borders. Deutsche Bahn's API platforms integrate services and interfaces so that you can provide new services, expand existing ones and create new solutions even faster on this modular basis. Likewise, APIs from external providers can be integrated into the DB landscape, making them available for the entire Group to use from a central location via the API platforms. Conversely, DB markets its own solutions and data to external partners and contributes to value added.

The portals for APIs support DB development teams in publishing and monetising services – regardless of the platform on which the relevant API was developed.

Our platforms for services and interfaces

Business Hub Connect

Business Hub Connect is DB's enterprise integration platform (EIP). It bundles business processes together and makes services and applications available across the Group and even externally. This enables us to provide our own and external services for all Group companies or to market our own solutions externally, for example.

DB API Marketplace

The DB API Marketplace serves as a central external showroom that external partners can use as a one-stop shop to quickly and easily find, live test and request access to Deutsche Bahn APIs and data. This enables DB Systel to create new business models and allows for easy integration into external solutions. A second portal, the DB API Portal, offers the same functions for interested parties inside DB.

DB API Portal

The DB API Portal is DB's internal marketplace for all API interfaces in the DB Group. Here you will find the catalogue of all available interfaces as well as their documentation and terms of use. In addition to services from the passenger transport area, there are APIs that focus on infrastructure and logistics. Further data on topics such as master data, IoT, and finance and controlling can also be obtained.

build IT and the enterprise integration platform

As a Group-wide development platform, the enterprise integration platform is a retrievable building block for IT solutions within the framework of build IT, which are centrally available standard tools and services from DB Systel that all IT professionals in the railway sector use to develop IT projects easily and quickly.

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