Digitalising business processes

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Business process digitalisation

Greater efficiency and transparency for your processes

Article: Digitalising business processes

Gain control of your processes and free your employees from repetitive tasks and inefficient administrative activities. Automation and smart control mechanisms offer huge potential for greater transparency and productivity.

Ageing processes in an evolving company cause productivity to fall and a gap to open between documented processes and those that are actually used. The correct execution of processes and variants is not measured and optimised. Time-consuming manual tasks limit daily productivity and outdated processes hamper technical modernisation. With proven process intelligence solutions and methods, you can control measurable actual processes and relieve staff of tiresome and time-consuming tasks.

Getting more done in less time

Intelligent process tools can be used to design, model and manage your processes and make processes measurable and scalable. Thanks to their many years of experience, our experts are familiar with the specifications and requirements of the DB Group companies from practical experience. Process intelligence solutions lead to robust and simple processes. Consequently, they make it much easier to manage business processes actively and generate comprehensibility and transparency throughout.

"When you see your actual processes unfolded in front of you, you'll be amazed at the potentials that are not being used."

Marc Bouvier, Product Owner Process Intelligence unit, DB Systel

Profile picture Marc Bouvier

How old processes are given a new lease of life:

Solutions for workflow management

Modern workflow management makes processes clear and simple. Use comprehensive workflow management solutions that you can configure yourself. Interfaces to numerous systems and services bring freedom and flexibility to complex processes. Further information (for DB employees).

Process analytics

Don't just measure the present. Stay one step ahead with AI-based process forecasts that use real-time data. In this way, your business-critical processes become manageable and transparent. Further information (for DB employees).

Robotic process automation

Although it's hard to imagine a factory floor without robots, the robots used in office settings are largely invisible. Nevertheless, they are just as effective as their big brothers in production when it comes to facilitating recurring routine tasks and maintaining consistent quality. Further information (for DB employees).

Process mining

If you already have process data, we will be happy to show you where you can optimise your processes sustainably on the basis of your actual data. This is the ideal way to neatly identify process gaps and make informed strategic decisions. Further information (for DB employees).

Smart data

Artificial intelligence is great at recognising patterns. AI solutions in combination with linguistic methods can extract structured information from texts. Text mining is used, for example, to categorise contracts, invoices and tax assessment notices and to tag them with keywords, which helps your support team to find the right answers quickly. Further information (for DB employees).

Process intelligence consulting

Do you have questions or would you like to make specific improvements to your existing processes? We can analyse your current situation together and translate your business strategy into cost-efficient and resilient processes that grow in step with your digitalisation. Further information (for DB employees).


Auditable document management with Bahn Content Management (BCM)

Bahn Content Management (BCM) is the DB Group standard for document management and document-based processes. It is an integrated solution that combines business process management (BPM) and document management (DMS). It enables you to process and share sensitive information in a secure and auditable digital form throughout your business. BCM relies on AI technology to automate document management processes that were previously manual. Among other things, BCM forms the basis for mobile work orders on employees' tablets and automatic recording of tax-relevant documents.

Your route to efficient processes

If you have questions or a specific need to optimise current business processes, we should talk. We analyse processes together, find specific improvements and develop new, forward-looking solutions. 

Our process experts look forward to an exchange.