Digital security solutions – digitalisation hinges on IT security

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Cyber security

Combatting potential threats in good time

Article: Digital security solutions – digitalisation hinges on IT security

We protect your digital business assets with well thought-out, holistic solutions and collaborate with you to close potential security gaps.

Digitalisation is leading to more and more devices and systems becoming interconnected. This is not only resulting in rapid growth in the volume of confidential data but also heightening the security risk because both the overall environment and the threat situation are constantly changing, and the number of potential vulnerabilities is rising. You therefore need to combat potential threats in good time.

Digitalisation needs security

We create an effective overall system for your business applications by putting together individual building blocks from a wide range of security solutions like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. With this well thought-out and holistic approach, we work with you to take targeted action against all facets of threats from inside and outside the company. From prevention and detection through to the targeted response. 

Digital security with DB Systel

Service security consulting

Consulting formats – partly standardised, partly tailored to your requirements – that support you in effectively protecting your digital business assets at all levels.

Security concept

Give due consideration to all-round protection of applications right from the development phase.

Threat detection

Detect vulnerabilities and anomalies in existing applications at an early stage in order to launch effective countermeasures.

Protect connections

Ensure secure communications between mobile devices, on-premises systems and the cloud

Protect your digital assets and resolve the apparent conflict between the convenience of digitalisation on the one hand and cybersecurity on the other. We look forward to hearing from you.