With AI our computers learn to understand us and the environment

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Artificial intelligence

Better collaboration between people and digital systems

Article: With AI our computers learn to understand us and the environment

Artificial intelligence opens up countless opportunities for Deutsche Bahn to use data more efficiently, optimise processes and develop new, sustainable business models.

To make the future of mobility even smarter, more digital and, at the same time, more efficient, we must effectively structure and process an ever-increasing amount of data, information and connected processes. Artificial intelligence (AI) enables machines to learn from experience and find clear patterns in large amounts of data – including unstructured data such as texts, images and sound. This ensures that clear findings and conditions can be extracted from a multitude of information. DB Systel's AI solutions enable the DB Group's business units to integrate low-cost, ready-to-use AI services in a short time.

"The services on the AI.Platform are developed in close collaboration with the DB-group and users. Thanks to joint prioritisation, we enable rapid deployment and scaling so that as many business units as possible are quick to benefit from AI and workbench services."

Emmanuel Drosos, Product Owner AI.Platform, DB Systel

Profile picture Emmanuel Drosos

AI models are particularly adept at recognising patterns – for example to translate language and images for machines to control automation systems. We offer numerous advanced AI services as ready-to-use interfaces with the AI.Platform. These AI solutions are completely tailored to the requirements of our Group partners. Short coordination processes lead to new applications, which are quickly deployed and undergo constant continued development.

Examples of intelligent solutions for Deutsche Bahn


Using text analysis and advanced dialogue systems, you automate initial contact in support and let AI answer or forward simple questions.

Image and video analysis

Have wagon identification numbers or graffiti automatically recognised from video footage. Automatic anonymisation of individuals ensures maximum data privacy compliance. Extract text from images or documents for further processing.

Intelligent language processing

For natural interaction between humans and systems, computers need to understand spoken questions, transform texts into speech or produce automatic translations. Together we offer you the right solution for numerous applications.

build IT and the AI.Platform 

As a group-wide development platform, the AI.Platform is an accessible building block for IT solutions within the framework of build IT. build IT - these are centrally available standard tools and services of DB Systel that all IT professionals of the railway use to develop IT projects easily and quickly.

Our AI teams will help you to identify where there is potential to incorporate AI in your business unit and to translate that into concrete results. We look forward to hearing from you.