Shaping successful digitalisation at Deutsche Bahn

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DB Systel

The digital partner in the DB Group

Article: Shaping successful digitalisation at Deutsche Bahn

DB Systel GmbH, headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, is a wholly owned subsidiary of DB AG and a digital partner for all Group companies.

With our holistic, customer-specific offering that meets the highest IT standards, we drive the digitalisation of all DB AG companies successfully and with integration and value creation. To do this, we develop effective and efficient customer solutions based on innovative topics such as the cloud, big data, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence. As a long-term partner, we bring substantial railway and IT expertise and operate in a vendor-neutral way, striving towards the common goal. Currently around 5,400 Systel employees are employed at our main locations in Frankfurt, Berlin and Erfurt.

Right from the start we have been supporting the process of digital transformation in the DB Group. To find and implement suitable solutions for the companies in the Group, we rely on our comprehensive, market-oriented product portfolio, as well as a high level of consulting and methodological expertise. In addition, we operate our own ventures, such as ZERO.ONE.DATA, as well as open data platforms and Systel's own innovation laboratory, Skydeck. We are also active on the external market with selected services and products.

DB Systel on its way to the agile working world

The core elements of this dynamic development are modern, flexible IT structures and a new, active working environment thanks to agile, independent teams. At the moment, we are creating a major shift from traditional working and organisational structures to self-organisation and enterprise-wide networks. Our goal is to support our customers and their increasingly variable requirements in the best possible way with flexible ways of working and agile methods.

Here are a few facts: 

  • Cloud First: Over 450 processes and services migrated to the Deutsche Bahn cloud; over 535 terabytes of storage built into the cloud; flexible use of 7,000 - 15,000 virtual servers in the cloud
  • DevOps: Almost 50 teams formed within 2 years to develop and run applications in the cloud
  • Innovation hub: More than 59 business ideas conceived in the Skydeck; more than 500 guests per month participating in innovation events
  • Workplace: Over 4,000,000 e-mails checked for spam each week; 216,000 end-user devices managed and 107,000 workstations digitally equipped
  • Employees: Over 5,400 employees from 85 different countries; high percentage of female employees (24.4%) when compared with the German IT sector1 (approx. 17%)

(1Percentage of female employees in the IT sector (absolute and percentage values) for selected countries (sources for Female Tech Workforce EU Countries: Eurostat 2019a) Eurostat (2019a): available online at (last update: 13 July 2021)