Gaining insights from data and making better decisions

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Data management and analytics

Using data strategically and precisely

Article: Gaining insights from data and making better decisions

Data is varied and growing in volume all the time. Therefore, it is critical to look at the key issues within a business unit if we are to achieve success. This allows us to come up with data solutions that deliver quality-assured insights for optimal decision-making.

As digitalisation marches on, more and more data is accumulating from more and more sources. And the volume of data at Deutsche Bahn is increasing all the time too: digital tickets, rolling stock and electronic train control systems constantly generate new data in everyday operations. This data is beneficial if concrete conclusions can be drawn from it. DB Systel provides all the necessary services for consolidating, storing, processing and presenting data in a way that is cost-efficient, intuitive to use and entirely on demand. Benefit from our data management platform (DMP) and customised solutions.

"It is only by having a system of data organisation that takes functional requirements as its starting point and provides data of the requisite quality that digitalisation can succeed long term and state-of-the-art AI services can come into their own."

Christopher Muth, Product Owner Data Vision Unit, DB Systel

Profile picture Christopher Muth
How to gain important insights from your data

Data analyses are performed in various ways: a targeted search is run to find the required information in existing data or data is collected in order to gain entirely new insights by analysing it (data capture). If concrete answers are to be found by gathering information, big data solutions are only well targeted if they are based on the correct functional question right from the start.

This allows you to unlock new potential within existing business, explain how things are connected in a more comprehensible way and optimise your decision-making. Form always follows function. The technical solutions for data integration and analysis in the backend and frontend interlock and support the functional requirements – from lean, standardised self-service use to highly individualised, railway-specific applications.

Data evaluation replaces assumptions with concrete statements

Finding new potential in existing business and discovering trends at an early stage so you can respond to them appropriately: this is how DB Systel is creating its own big data solution based on other tried-and-tested solutions that bring measurable improvements to everyday operations. This optimises your decision-making – even when your information base is complex. DB Systel's data solutions facilitate the entire chain of modern data processing: from uniform data integration to advanced analysis and standardised interfaces for new, data-driven applications.

The benefits you can gain from advanced data evaluation

Better insights for more success

With the solutions offered by DB Systel, Deutsche Bahn is able to create new applications and dashboards for business intelligence, for meaningful insights via advanced analytics or for looking into the future with predictive analytics. Combining data quality management with artificial intelligence provides new automations and optimisations for business processes.

Big data with railway expertise

DB Systel combines the advantages of industry-leading data solutions for infrastructure and data visualisation with the key railway know-how that is vital to meeting the corresponding business requirements. This results in state-of-the-art solutions without compromising on security, data protection or technical capabilities.

Relying on proven solutions

The data management platform (DMP) is a toolkit that simplifies working with data so it can be used to make the right decisions quickly. The DMP takes the strain off DevOps engineers and data engineers with standardised, scalable and policy-compliant services for consolidating, storing and processing data. This allows DevOps teams to focus on their project-specific development work instead of spending time setting up and running services. For analysts and managers, the DMP offers functions for presenting the relevant data using the best analytical tools.

Creating added value with data

The experts from the ZERO.ONE.DATA network are familiar with all scenarios from data strategy, data lakes and data visualisation right through to IoT applications. Together we will find the ideal solution for AI applications, knowledge solutions, operational analysis or the data science field.

build IT and the data management platform

As a group-wide development platform, the data management platform is a retrievable building block for IT solutions within the framework of build IT, which are centrally available standard tools and services from DB Systel that all IT professionals in the railway sector use to develop IT projects easily and quickly.

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