The future of DB lies in digital transformation

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Mutual value added in the Group

Combining technology innovations and business models

Article: The future of DB lies in digital transformation

Strong Rail needs real digital clout – and no one unit can achieve that alone. We can only achieve successful digitalisation and value creation with partnership-based cooperation in networks.

Digitalisation presents us with brand new opportunities while also demanding a lot from us. That is because the demands of our passengers are changing just as rapidly as the technical developments in the market and in our working environment. In its role of digital partner, DB Systel designs holistic and specialist solutions that match Deutsche Bahn's specific requirements while pursuing a common objective with DB Group partners. In digitalisation, shared value creation means that IT and commercial staff work together closely, always focusing on customer benefits.

Achieving change together

The digital transformation requires rethinking in many areas. It will bring lasting change to the DB Group in terms of its principles, strategy, structure and culture. In our role of digital partner, we want to move Deutsche Bahn along on its digital journey. We are therefore replacing ineffective systems with new, dynamic solutions. With competitive IT, we are transforming existing systems, picking up on innovative trends and enabling new potential in Deutsche Bahn's end-customer business. Digitalisation not only has to reach customer interfaces and background systems but ultimately permeate the entire Group. This can only be achieved in partnership, with targeted networking and shared responsibility.

Bringing the digital transformation to life

Working together to prepare DB for the future

Technical innovations in line with the Group's strategic goals are being created in joint value creation efforts involving both IT and commercial staff. DB Systel has created a foundation that enables IT technology, organisation and digital culture to be directed towards supporting new business requirements in adaptive networks. That is important because digitalisation has to get through to DB's core processes and be dovetailed at all levels if it is to have a real impact. Impact means satisfied end customers and logistics operators – thanks to a digital railway.

Living and advancing digitalisation

Digitalisation allows new forms of communication, collaboration and value creation. To fulfil the growing requirements end to end, tools are needed that optimally support processes and relationships in technical terms. In addition to introducing digital tools to the workplace itself, efforts also have to be made to raise the efficiency of operational processes: in response to the great need for digitalisation, production units in all DB companies are learning about the possibilities of "self-digitalisation". With effective tools and appropriate expertise, we can set digitalisation in the Group on a much broader footing.

IT tools become new business models

When business and IT merge, business goals also become the goals of IT. This convergence concerns suitable production models such as DevOps, collaboration models in mixed DevOps teams and business models developed on this basis (Curbside Management). This means that all involved need to be certain about what they are doing (for example with regard to security aspects) and there needs to be an opportunity for iterative review and adaptation. To meet these requirements, DB Systel has evolved from an IT service provider into a digital partner and is helping to shape the digital railway – on an equal footing and with an eye on value for end customers.

Benefit from our in-depth IT and rail expertise and let us work together on the best solution for the digital challenges of today and tomorrow. In its role of digital partner, DB Systel will work with you to speed up your progress in the digital transformation. Feel free to get in touch.