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Digital enterprise

IT solutions for DB Group management

Digitalising Deutsche Bahn's business processes

Together we are driving a transformation in the Group based on digitalisation. This creates cross-business solutions for more business transparency and efficiency.

Digitalisation is enabling us to make fundamental changes in the DB Group and reshape the mobility of the future. We now work with greater connectivity, always have the necessary information available in real time and can process complex processes uniformly with ideally adapted solutions. These intelligent solutions help us to meet growing customer requirements, analyse finances and trends with digital tools and discover new potential in sales.

"Together with our Group partners, we develop innovative products and solutions for broadly applicable processes in DB's rail operations, always with a view to maximum benefit for our customers."

Christiane Dippold, Product Owner Cluster Common Business & Data Solutions, DB Systel

Profile picture Christiane Dippold

Bringing technology and employees together

DB Systel's Group services are the link between IT and the functional departments in the Group. DB Systel is an integrator and enabler for the Group Management in terms of promoting cross-business unit collaboration based on digital support. With our support for new issues, effective digital marketing activities or events, we contribute to proactively creating customised solutions together with our Group partners.

Group solutions for a digital DB

Business solutions for business intelligence

Let's work together to develop your data strategy for Group management. Use new and existing data for analysis, forecasting and a 360-degree picture of current business operations. All this with integrated quality assurance and implementation in compliance with data privacy regulations.

Asset management for your IT

Keep an eye on all your IT and OT devices, including the data they generate, and your IT resource planning. DB Systel provides support ranging from consulting and concrete solutions for asset management through to discovery services that automatically identify devices in the network.

Mobile working solutions

Our products support and simplify the everyday working life of our colleagues who work on the move in the railway environment. We provide mobile workstations tailored to the role of the user (e.g. train driver or wagon inspector). This enables optimal support for workflows as well as operational processes and represents a major step towards digital working.

Quality management and business value solutions

Let's work together to ensure the quality of your business solutions: testing, QA and support for the optimal performance and reliability of your business applications. Support and processes that will assist in the successful deployment and reliable running of business software.

Let's talk about the future. Do you have any questions about our broadly applicable Group solutions? We hope we have aroused your curiosity.

Group services with DB Systel