Cloud services tailored to your requirements

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Cloud computing and IT infrastructure

A must for digital transformation

Article: Cloud services tailored to your requirements

Cloud services offer Deutsche Bahn optimum technical flexibility to address current and future challenges.

Digital transformation requires a technical infrastructure that can do far more than simply store and retrieve data and files. The scalability of the cloud offers Deutsche Bahn versatility and space to allow for the digital growth of current and future solutions. This is why Deutsche Bahn consistently pursues a "cloud first" approach, with new applications and platforms being created for the cloud and in the cloud:

  • Promotion of new business models and innovations
  • Maximum flexibility and reduced time-to-market
  • Reduced IT costs and significantly lower capital employed
"DB Enterprise Cloud provides customised cloud services to assist our Group partners in their progress towards the cloud."

Florian Widmann, Product Owner Delivery Team DB Modular Cloud, DB Systel

Profile picture Florian Widmann

The cloud facilitates faster innovation, shorter update cycles and the reliable connected solutions that passengers want. The cloud provides access to specialised platforms for innovative applications and almost unlimited storage space and means that users don't need to worry about investing in and maintaining individual servers themselves. Thanks to the cloud, they are free to focus on innovation, business requirements and what passengers want. As the central integrator, DB Systel ensures the best possible purchasing conditions and dovetailing of solutions for the DB Group.

The pillars of DB Enterprise Cloud

Our IT infrastructure for Deutsche Bahn

All resources from a single source

DB Enterprise Cloud is tailored precisely to Deutsche Bahn's requirements. DB Systel works with you to select the ideal cloud solution, including the right architecture. Our price calculator gives you the cost transparency you need. We not only arrange suitable resources, but also offer ready-to-use services from the cloud – including the necessary compliance, contract design and straightforward business accounting.

Our cloud pillars for Deutsche Bahn

DB Modular Cloud includes a wide range of infrastructure solutions and cloud resources that you can use to build your own infrastructure and application architectures. Our managed development platform enables you to develop your AWS applications in a test environment as if you had your own AWS account. If you don't want to look after your applications yourself, you can rely on our application operation services to maintain and develop them for you.

Cloud consulting, operation and maintenance with DB expertise

Together we look at the key issues relating to your applications and goals and ask whether existing applications be migrated and what would be required to make this possible? We identify areas where we can optimise your applications, operations and architecture. We manage your cloud platforms so that you don't have to worry about operating the infrastructure. You can concentrate on your business requirements while DB Systel ensures that all systems keep pace with your growth.

On-premises also possible

Not all services are based in the cloud: in exceptional cases, IT infrastructure services can be used on-premises. We operate the associated IT infrastructure services in German data centres in accordance with Deutsche Bahn specifications.

Which cloud is the best fit for your business? What requirements are important for you right now? 

Get in touch with us - we are happy to advise you.