Working together to shape the intermodal mobility of the future

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Digitalising mobility

Smart solutions for the sustainable travel of tomorrow

Article: Working together to shape the intermodal mobility of the future

Using digital solutions to provide passengers with the best travel experience across all modes of mobility, from travel request to destination.

Rail will play an increasingly important role in the future as one of the most sustainable means of transport. To make surer DB achieves the Group's goals and is able to transport even more passengers with even greater comfort and reliability, DB Systel is working with the Group to develop future-proof solutions for greater efficiency in regional, local and long distance passenger transport. For a seamless travel experience, for satisfied travellers, for new business processes – for Strong Rail.

"To increase our passengers' satisfaction, we must work together with our partner DB Systel so that we can make effective use of IT and optimise existing processes through digitalisation."

Dr Matthias Häsel, Head of IT Portfolio and Project Management, DB Fernverkehr AG

Profile picture Dr. Matthias Häsel

Achieve strategic goals and improve our passengers' customer satisfaction. With our jointly developed mobility innovations, Deutsche Bahn is embarking on the age of digitalised travel. DevOps methods and platform development enable a higher speed of innovation, leading to smart, connected solutions. For more punctuality, efficiency and sustainability. At the same time, smart payment, AI-assisted accessibility and shared mobility increase our passengers' satisfaction.

Our mobility projects within the DB Group

Ticketing and e-commerce

Today, tickets for local, regional and long-distance transport are predominantly sold online and made available in digital form. To ensure that this succeeds without a hitch, we offer a suitable basis with Standard E-Commerce Services. And not only that – thanks to special ticketing solutions for mobility service providers, we have a lot more to offer: for example with innovative check-in services.

Sharing mobility and travel chains

The curbside is increasingly becoming an extension of the platform. In new partnerships and networks, we are developing the foundations for multimodal mobility solutions such as car sharing, scooters and bikes or smart parking at the station. We are achieving this by merging business teams and IT: business processes, development and IT operations created in cooperation with the Group's partners.

Mobile payment

The new mobile cash register is more than just the cash register system in on-board restaurants. It is an ideal example of how several teams have worked together to create an innovative solution. Employees on the operations side have worked together with IT development to introduce cashless payment for our passengers' coffee and refreshments.

Accessibility thanks to AI

Railway stations can be very challenging for people with visual impairments. Thanks to AI recognition of station signage via a smartphone camera and guidance from call centre staff, travellers with restricted mobility gain a new sense of security and independence on their journey. Digital assistance can enable barrier-free mobility along the entire travel chain.

Digitalisation of the bonus programme

The new BahnBonus app has completely digitalised the bonus programme for travellers. In cooperation with DB Fernverkehr, a joint team has developed the project on an innovative, sustainable basis. Modern software development concepts, DevOps and user experience tests ensure constant technical optimisation. Travellers' wishes take centre stage.

Together, we are shaping the mobility of the future and realising mobility concepts that span all modes of transport. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about new business requirements and their technical implementation.