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The question is not what IT is but what IT does

Christa Koenen
CEO DB Systel GmbH

digital spirit

The current issue shows amongst other topics, how ITonICE will in future enable virtually any number of new services to be installed on the ICE in a very short period, almost like apps on a smartphone.

Smart assistance in an emergency

Technology to the rescue! A smart emergency system quickly assists DB employees in difficult situations.

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Emergency Service

The rolling data centre

Deutsche Bahn will in future use ITonICE for its ICE fleet. This vendor-independent vehicle IT will ensure the future of the "smart railway" for long-distance services.

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From robot to avatar and call centre agent

It was the robot that impressed travellers from Frankfurt to Tokyo. Now the concierge service from DB Systel is being taken to the next level, with SEMMI also answering questions over the phone or as a digital avatar in future.

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SEMMI Avatar