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The question is not what IT is but what IT does

Christa Koenen
CEO DB Systel GmbH


Behind the scenes of the BahnBonus app

04/2019 – Participants in the BahnBonus programme can now manage their loyalty points conveniently via smart phone. A consumer app implemented with the Business Hub, it highlights both the benefits and the new possibilities offered by service-based development.

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Find out in our current issue, how the technology improves employee training, supports maintenance and repair, and enables more efficient planning of construction projects.

Treasure troves of high-quality data

04/2019 – DB Systel's Christian Kolarsch and Dr. Markus Albrecht from CIO DB Group present the trend surveys entitled "Data-driven business models“ and "Information Veracity". In the following interview they explain why data is important for Deutsche Bahn's future success – and how we can tell it's reliable.

Computer shunts freight cars to the right track

04/2019 – From in-house test to a successful external business model and from manual processes to automation, the joint AuRa project brings new momentum to shunting.

Hunting down graffiti with artificial intelligence

02/2019 – Damage caused by graffiti is a nuisance, but also costs millions to repair. In order to discover it more quickly, Deutsche Bahn is now resorting to intelligent means: in future, a combination of cameras and artificial intelligence should detect graffiti automatically.

Limitless networking with digital images

02/2019 – The digital images of trains, stations and other corporate assets are part of the Internet of Things – and an essential building block for the smart digitalisation of Deutsche Bahn.

En route to transparent tracks

02/2019 – The digital recording of the track condition is taking significant strides forward: the new database technology, SAP Business Warehouse on HANA, makes possible the paperless inspection of track magnets. And it does not stop there.

How “FINANCE 4 DB” is rethinking the financial function digitally

02/2019 – The group programme "FINANCE 4 DB" is reconstructing the financial department of Deutsche Bahn into a key factor of success. In shaping the transformation process, the programme is also relying on the digital competence of DB Systel.

One switch for better quality

02/2019 – Whether booking meeting rooms, counting people, monitoring stock or measuring temperatures: with innovative sensor solutions work processes at Deutsche Bahn will in future be made easier, more efficient and cost effective.

Make the best decision

11/2018 – With a new approach to software development, the KIRA project enables dispatchers to respond more quickly and produces rapid and valuable results.

So real you can almost touch it

11/2018 – Virtual reality is no longer the stuff of science fiction: Deutsche Bahn has been using immersive solutions of this kind for some time now. The technology improves employee training, supports maintenance and repair, and enables more efficient planning of construction projects.