The way we work

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How we work

Self-organising and self-determined

Article: The way we work

There are no hierarchies here: just self-organising teams, opportunities for professional development and a great deal of freedom. At DB Systel, we value self-determination: we decide how we work, where we work, and even what we work on.

DB Systel offers employees a great deal of flexibility and freedom. We have, after all, set ourselves the goal of being an "adaptive network organisation". In other words, we have developed a structure and culture that enables us to respond flexibly to new requirements and changes, consisting of small, independent units that complement and are integrated into the other units in the company. We welcome initiative, innovation and change. This is how new teams are formed or merge with each other. Day to day, we organise ourselves using agile methods. This culture is reflected in every aspect of our everyday work. 

Micromanagement is not part of our model. Teams and team managers work collaboratively and make decisions jointly. Systel employees work together as equals and actively exchange information with one another, learning all the time. We pride ourselves on providing an environment for emerging leaders and roles to grow and develop. This enables us to keep pace with new developments, facilitate personal growth and offer an active working environment.  

How we organise our working environment 

Choose your own hours with flexible working arrangements 

We use trust-based working hours and time accounts. You can work a consistent 39 hours each week or flexibly structure your working time to suit yourself.  

Up to 42 days of annual leave 

Enjoy at least 30 days of annual leave per year. Or set your own priorities with the additional option of up to 42 days of annual leave. By opting for deferred compensation, you get more time for recreation and your life outside work. 

Job sharing: one job, two people 

In this working time model, two employees share a single full-time role. Tasks, areas of responsibility and working hours can be arranged flexibly, as long as the defined tasks and working hours are covered.

Work wherever you want 

Rigid compulsory presence and universal "on-site" rules are a thing of the past for us. Most jobs can be done from wherever you want. The majority of our teams are distributed throughout the whole of Germany. Teams decide for themselves when, where and how often they meet. 

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