Intermeshed processes for punctual trains

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Preparation for operations and performing running movements

Scheduled journeys from preparation for operations to destination station

Article: Intermeshed processes for punctual trains

Innovative and interconnected digitalisation solutions are an important building block in achieving DB Group's punctuality targets. They help to smoothly plan and control numerous processes before, during and after a running movement.

Our passengers' greatest wish is to depart and arrive on schedule. However, numerous steps are necessary before a train is cleaned, maintained and ready to depart from the track. And even after departure, the network and fleet must be continuously coordinated and ideally utilised as there is a direct interdependency between many train journeys. Irregularities with just one train often have an impact on the entire following traffic. Many gears therefore have to mesh perfectly so that a train is on time from the departure station through to its destination. 

System-wide digitalisation solutions that connect all systems and information involved ensure a smooth process before, during and after a running movement. 

"In order to ensure that all processes relating to train journeys are perfectly interlinked, we are pooling our digital expertise for planning and performing running movements. That is because we can only create system-wide digitalisation solutions with the greatest possible effectiveness if we all work together."

Tino Hoffmann, Digital Lead for Preparation for Operations and Performing Running Movements, DB Systel


Digital solutions for preparation for operations enable, for example: 

  • Dispatching trains including planning the preparation for operations, the turnaround cycle and travel chains 
  • Entire vehicle readiness control from loading and preparation for the journey through to the locomotive crew change. 
  • Monitoring and analysis of provisioning as a basis for making improvements 
Verbund-Ereignisbroker (Interconnection Event Broker, VEIB)

VEIB is a group-wide application that distributes events and data in real-time to serve numerous fields of application. For example, reliable departure forecasts for the departure station make for better informed, more satisfied passengers. In addition, VEIB distributes numerous other data and events for digital rail operations.

Steuerung Gleiswechsel (track change control) App

Real-time control of vehicles in delivery to a maintenance depot and in providing trains. With the Steuerung Gleiswechsel app, dispatchers can see at any time where trains are located, whether stabling sidings are still available or whether shunting movements are possible. Thanks to this app, track change times are reduced by 40 per cent. This reduces waiting times for drivers and speeds up train provision. Of course, the app works together with the Verbundereignisbroker.

DB myForms

Using the myForms digital solution, our Group partners always have the right documents. myForms uses auditable digital forms instead of paper and binders. This speeds up process flows, reduces running costs and is still fully compliant with DB governance. This makes it particularly easy to evaluate and process collected data.

Digital solutions for running movements enable, for example: 

  • Traffic management for ideal processes 
  • Transport control and analysis for freight transport 
  • Information transfer, for example digital document management for the on-board crew 
  • And if something should go wrong: coordination and correction of delays 
  • Monitoring and analysis of running movements as a basis for making improvements 
Bottleneck management 

Large transport hubs are often bottlenecks. A particularly large number of trains run through such points and are therefore more likely to get in each other's way. Our overarching congestion management team develops measures and applications to prevent congestion and thus save valuable minutes. Among other things, the team is developing new analytics based on graphs, artificial intelligence and route telegrams. 


This intelligent assistance system supports DB employees by providing all current information and instructions they require for their work. The content is available at any time on a tablet PC. For example for train drivers – depending on the current location and route. This document system saves paper while providing targeted documents for those who need them.

RiM – Rail-in-Motion

A mobile workplace system with information and documents for DB's on-board crews. Distribute staff rosters, instructions or train folders to employees in digital form, securely and in a targeted manner. RiM is auditable and can be delivered on standard tablets as well as on special devices for special requirements.

A train journey involves of a lot of planning, logistics and permanent monitoring and control. Together with our partners in the Group, we develop the latest technologies, which offer travellers greater service and quality over the course of their journey, while also supporting the internal processes of Deutsche Bahn. It is important to us that we meet the demand for intelligent and simple products and services – for both travellers and our partners in the Group.