Common solutions for a better user experience

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Digital interconnection

Pooling knowledge to streamline processes

Common solutions for a better user experience

Rail is – and will remain – the best mode of transport over any distance. Interdisciplinary collaboration produces innovative solutions for planning and executing train journeys.

New links and more frequent services: the DB Group has big plans for the years ahead. Its strategic goals can only be achieved with new ideas and active collaboration across former boundaries. Because numerous processes and services work together to create every train journey. All this is supported by digital interconnection (content only accessible for DB employees). We create powerful networks for a digitalised and interconnected rail system and promote solutions for a better customer journey. 

"Issues that affect everybody can only be solved together. We use our rail and IT expertise to digitalise our processes and workflows together with our Group partners to make rail travel even more appealing to our customers."

Tino Hoffmann, Digital Lead for digital interconnection, DB Systel

Profile picture Tino Hoffmann

Strong Rail calls for digitalisation and interdisciplinary collaboration between everyone involved in achieving these goals. Digital interconnection combines both aspects. It provides a home base for specific, yet interdisciplinary networks within the DB Group and beyond. A place where everyone involved can come together to examine how interfaces in the DB operations framework can be optimised through digitalisation. Because seamless data and information flows make processes faster and more efficient. Together with our DB Group partners, we find customised digital solutions to specific problems. 

How digital interconnection drives "Strong Rail" forward

Achieving the Group's strategic goals through new and comprehensive cooperation. Working together across former borders. This is how digital interconnection supports Strong Rail.

Discover where digital interconnection provides support in the form of expertise, innovative ideas and established solutions: