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Digital Stories

All the latest news on the digitalisation of DB

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With "Digital Stories", our previous customer magazine "digital spirit" is now moving to our website. This means that we are combining exciting stories about the digitalisation of Deutsche Bahn with our portfolio and a lot of other content for you in one central place.

Have fun reading!

Digital Stories - fascinating insights into the digitalisation of Deutsche Bahn

Our "Digital Stories" feature replaces our previous customer magazine "digital spirit" and will now appear regularly right here on our web page.

Germany needs a strong rail system – for the climate, the people, the economy and for Europe. The entire DB Group is working together to implement the "Strong Rail" strategy. In our Digital Stories, we take a look at interesting topics such as business tech platforms, digital services or digital trends and innovations that contribute to the successful implementation of the digitalisation and technology aspects of our umbrella strategy.

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