Cloud Collaboration Leads to Record Time Migration


Article: Cloud Collaboration Leads to Record Time Migration

12/2020 – Thanks to a great collaboration between DB Systel and DB Systel UK, customer Arriva Denmark achieved a record time of 6 weeks for the migration of their services to AWS cloud. For some business segments, the migration of their services to the cloud creates a series of difficult challenges –as was the case for Arriva Denmark.

Battling aging IT infrastructure customer Arriva Denmark needed both a cloud migration and managed cloud service solution that would cost no more than they were paying to their existing external third-party. With a data centre exit deadline looming that could incur high penalty fees, they sought a solution that presented the best value with a cloud partner they could trust, in a tight turnaround time.

Through Deutsche Bahn’s consistent cloud-first approach DB Systel and DB Systel UK formed a collaborative partnership to better understand both Arriva Denmark’s business and operational challenges creating a bespoke DB Enterprise Cloud solution with the flexibility to connect to the Arriva network.

A project plan as large as this demanded attention to detail to ensure a smooth migration and minimal downtime not to disrupt services.

With DB Systel UK’s Analyse-Migrate-Manage methodology both cloud analysis and migration accelerated drastically, releasing Arriva Denmark from their third-party hosting contract prior to the contract expiration and migrating them to the cloud in a record six-week period.

  • 57% decrease in server environment
  • Record time cloud migration of 6 weeks
  • Seamless data replication with minimal down time
  • Robust security policies and compliance
  • Accelerated migration to AWS Cloud
  • Minimal cut over window of less than 30 mins
  • DB Systel UK customer centred managed cloud service

Jørgen Zangenberg, former Head of IT, Arriva Denmark praised the success of the project explaining,

“With all of Arriva Denmark’s data now migrated to Cloud we have taken a huge step towards delivering upon the IT strategy of Arriva and DB, contributing to creating an even more competitive Arriva business.

We have been cooperating closely with both DB Systel, DB Systel UK and specialists across borders have been working together towards joined goals, finishing within the agreed time, quality and budget. Given that many IT projects tend to be more expensive and time consuming than planned, we are very proud of the result!”

With Arriva Denmark’s services in the cloud they continue with advantages of the cloud, benefitting overall from a 57% decrease in server environment optimising further cost savings as well as infrastructure that continues to run smoothly fully managed by DB Systel UK. The ongoing flexibility and agility is fully aligned to their business future.

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