ContainerDays 2023

Redner von hinten, Blick auf das Publikum in der Ferne während eines Vortrags

ContainerDays 2023

11. SEP. 2023

Artikel: ContainerDays 2023

Dr Gualter Baptista from DB Systel will give a presentation at Container Days on 11 September 2023 in Hamburg about "Platform engineering for a greener tomorrow: The Deutsche Bahn´s path do digital sustainability".

Deutsche Bahn (DB), an international mobility and logistics company, is pursuing a long-term strong rail strategy that is system relevant: unless we shift traffic – on a massive scale – to a strong rail network, we will not be able to achieve our climate targets. The building blocks of the strong rail strategy include various aspects of digitalisation, such as digital rail or digital platforms, combined with the building blocks of environment and 100% green electricity. As data centres have a significant impact on global energy consumption and carbon emissions, and their contribution is expected to grow in the coming years, it is crucial that we understand, measure and address the environmental impact of digitalisation at Deutsche Bahn.

In the session of Dr. Gualter Baptista we will explore the importance of Green IT and the role of IT in reducing carbon emissions. We will discuss how Deutsche Bahn's digital partner DB Systel is taking a platform engineering approach to addressing this issue, specifically by implementing GreenOps practices that enable developers to see the environmental impact of their actions and reduce their carbon footprint.

We will highlight the double-win aspect of enabling GreenOps, as it supports sustainability efforts while contributing to FinOps practices and reducing costs. In addition, we will focus on the importance of platform engineering, with a particular emphasis on the potential of Kubernetes to scale the impact of GreenOps practices and reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.