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Think outside the box – and good ideas become reality

Our innovation management helps to shape not only DB Systel's future, but also our customers' future. To ensure their success, we are constantly looking for new, creative and radically different approaches.

We combine new ideas with trends to create innovative products, processes, services and organisational structures.

Innovation at DB Systel means:

  • We create a culture of innovation.
  • We enable innovations by unlocking creativity.
  • We proactively link knowledge of current trends and issues.
  • We deliver innovative ICT solutions for our customers.
  • We develop innovative services and products.

Sustainable innovations come from ideas that pass through a process at DB Systel which has proven successful time and time again.

Ideas management methodology

Our innovation scouts identify innovative ideas and help creators to turn their ideas into reality. They are on hand to help us and our customers with their methodological expertise. But that is not all: As sparring partners and networkers, they greatly influence the positive development of corporate culture. 

Our Wacky Workshops regularly lay the foundations for innovation projects. These workshops always focus on the practical challenges facing our customers. To promote the creativity of our employees, we leave behind familiar work environments and discard existing thought patterns and hierarchies. A positive working atmosphere with spacious, bright rooms and flexible furniture can also help generate new ideas and ways of thinking.

Innovation management driving force behind new products

The stated aim of our innovation management is to achieve technological feasibility in the form of operational prototypes. DB Smart-In and WorldInsight are two examples of successful products that emerged from innovation projects and were made ready for the market by our product management.