Deutsche Bahn

Achieving sustainability with and through ICT

The responsible handling of resources is part of our sustainability strategy. This strategy is based ond energy-efficient data centres, resource-efficient terminals and, the reuse of devices by third parties after the end of their life cycle.

Ecological objectives of Deutsche Bahn's "DB 2020" strategy are just as important as its economic and social objectives. As ICT service provider to Deutsche Bahn, we therefore strive to also be pioneers in relevant ecological fields of activity.

Our actions focus primarily on reducing CO2 emissions. We are currently increasing the proportion of electricity from renewable energy sources every year, and we are also working on making our data centres more energy-efficient.

High-availability data centres and energy efficiency not a contradiction for us

Operating highly available and secure data centres poses major challenges for our energy efficiency management. This is because the required redundancy of central components by nature contradicts the objective of low power consumption by the servers through to network components as well as uninterruptible power supply and cooling. It is therefore all the more important to use state-of-the-art infrastructure and reduce power requirements. We measure our performance based on the continual increase in energy efficiency of our data centres, with one of the top objectives of DB Systel being to improve the Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) metric.

Energy efficiency a question of the right "setting"

Whether it is PCs, notebooks or these days tablets – equipping more than 96,000 office workstations of Deutsche Bahn with the latest, high-quality ecological terminals presents a further opportunity for sustainable action.

Even during the purchasing process, we look for devices that are proven to be resource-friendly and energy-efficient. Respectable eco-labels are increasingly becoming an important purchasing criterion. Prior to delivery, special power-saving settings are configured on these devices that ensure a good compromise between performance and power consumption. We have replaced almost all workstation printers with efficient and economical multifunctional devices that have ecological default settings, such as printing in black and white and on both sides.

Eco-friendly reuse of equipment

Most Deutsche Bahn devices are still essentially functional even after their life cycle has ended. They are re-conditioned by specialised service providers and sold to third parties for re-use. By only selecting certified partners and conducting our own audits, we make sure that any defective equipment is disposed of properly.

Environment-friendly processes thanks to "green" technology

It is worth noting that our technology helps our customers to implement environment-friendly processes. Whether in operations, maintenance or the office environment – ICT at DB Systel helps to minimize harmful environmental impact. Staying "green" thanks to ICT creates countless new opportunities.

Employee contribution to sustainability

That sums up our technology efforts towards achieving Green IT. We also raise awareness among our employees about how their ecological behaviour can help our sustainability strategy.