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Our company's commitment to the next generation.

For some years now, we have been maintaining several cooperations with selected schools. We also support children directly through different activities in school sponsorship programmes.

School cooperations for career guidance and recruitment of trainees

The aim of our school cooperations is to give career guidance to pupils early on and to find potential new recruits for our company. To this end, we offer work placements to pupils, and we hold regular events at selected grammar schools in Berlin, Erfurt and Frankfurt/Hanau as well as at a secondary school. Examples include our popular info events where trainees and students on the cooperative education programme give information about jobs and training opportunities at DB Systel. Our applicant training and campaigns, such as Girls' Day and Technology Day, are also well liked by pupils.

School sponsorships reflecting our social involvement

Employees at our locations in Frankfurt, Berlin and Erfurt actively promote children's well-being, support them through different campaigns and convey values such as responsibility, participation and respect. This benefits not only the kids in the sponsored schools, but also the social cohesion of our company.

Bürgermeister-Grimm school in Frankfurt, since 2007

Numerous children from underprivileged families attend this special needs school. We provide welcome support with a weekly breakfast service, sponsored lunches, Christmas gift campaign and the annual "Social Day" event. We also get involved in painting classrooms. During the "My picture on the Internet" event, we explain to children the importance of data protection when they use the Internet.

"Grundschule am Schleipfuhl" primary school in Berlin, since 2010

DB Systel supports the primary school Grundschule am Schleipfuhl in Berlin Marzahn since 2010 in several projects. Umong these are "Reading to kids" events and the stocking the school's library. Our employees provide maintenance for the school's computers. And distinguished students are regularly invited and rewarded by DB Systel.

"Förderzentrum Emil-Kannegießer" (centre for special needs education) in Erfurt

This sponsored school is also a special needs school with a high proportion of children from underprivileged families. To prepare children for their future jobs, we give presentations about our Group and arrange site visits around Erfurt. Contact partners for work placements and applications were also brought together. The sponsorship covers assistance and participation during school field days and sporting and pre-Christmas events, as well as consultation about IT equipment. With the help of pupils, teachers, our employees and a bit of paint, the classrooms have been given a completely new look. On the Monday before Lent, carnival enthusiasts at DB Systel traditionally bring in pancakes for all the children.

"Wohnpark am Rohrpfuhl" (senior citizens' residential home) in Berlin, since 2009

The residents of Wohnpark am Rohrpfuhl can take advantage of the benefits offered by DB Gastronomie for DB employees at DB Systel's locations.