Deutsche Bahn

Challenging applications – ultra-modern platforms

DB Systel operates about 600 productive IT applications for its customers, including over 50 company-critical high-availability solutions. The focus here is on a stable yet flexible ICT infrastructure and user support.

For our customers, we operate applications developed in-house as well as current standard software. Before these IT or telecommunications solutions are transferred into routine operation, every phase of concept and development has to be scrutinized and pass different quality gates. This allows us to guarantee that all risks are minimized and a high level of quality is ensured. The certified data centre operations at DB Systel are based on ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) in a state-of-the-art IT and telecommunications infrastructure.

Is everything working all right? Cockpit and NOC keep guard

Many of the ICT solutions that we run for our customers have to be available 24/7. Despite the state-of-the art technology that we use, we are not immune to failures. This is why it is absolutely necessary that all applications, mainframes and servers are consequently and continuously monitored so that possible failures or problems are detected and eliminated as quickly as possible. The ICT infrastructure and the relevant applications are monitored centrally in our "Cockpit". Not only monitoring but also system changes and maintenance work are carried out in the Cockpit.

As a specialist in voice, data and mobile networks, we also offer high-performance and high-quality telecommunications services. These are monitored by the Network Operation Center, or NOC for short – an institution comparable with the Cockpit. The staff of the four NOC locations makes sure that the Bahn transmission technology is available 24/7. Occurring failures are either patched remotely or by a service technician on-site.

Even if the responsibilities of the Cockpit and NOC teams are different, both teams have the same goal: detecting and eliminating failures as quickly as possible, before they even become visible to the customer, and contributing to fault-free operations of the Deutsche Bahn.

Help required? The standard user support is at your side

The main target of the standard user support is to react to all user requests as quickly and solution-oriented as possible. Users from 13 countries can currently contact us in nine languages with their service issues by phone, e-mail or using the web-based service portal. The respective DB Systel performance parameters speak for themselves: over 1,500 incidents daily, short response times, a first resolution rate of over 60% – and all taken care of by our 24/7 service. 

With the standard user support and monitoring of the IT systems using the Cockpit and NOC as a key position, we ensure the stability of the customers' ICT infrastructures and thus support their business processes directly.

Cost-effective and professional IT services for more basic requirements

Services are constantly being added to our portfolio in response to changing customer requirements. We also offer services with corresponding technical features for customers with limited investment resources. These systems feature optimised support including self-service and on-call service as well as accepted risks through increased customer responsibility.