Deutsche Bahn

DB Systel – Deutsche Bahn's digitalisation partner

DB Systel, with its head offices in Frankfurt am Main, is a wholly owned DB AG subsidiary and the partner all group companies can call on for their digitalisation needs.

With its 3,600 employees and yearly revenues of EUR 838 Million (2016) DB Systel takes an integrative and value-enhancing approach to its work for the Group. It offers a range of solutions and consulting services that are holistic and customer-specific. They meet the highest IT standards and make use of innovative developments in the sector. DB Systel combines this expertise with its outstanding knowledge of the rail sector and IT industry. It is a business partner that always takes the long view of a project and follows supplier-neutral strategies as it works towards the collective goals that everyone at DB AG shares.

DB Systel takes on the challenges that digitalisation represents, and deploys groundbreaking solutions and innovative technology for Deutsche Bahn. The key drivers in this respect are the company's own startups and the Skydeck ideas powerhouse, which are always looking for new, creative and radically different solutions on behalf of our customers.

Moreover, the company delivers holistic and specialist solutions that match Deutsche Bahn's specific requirements: supplier-neutral consulting, integrative implementation, secure operation, etc. The approaches are consciously based on the customers’ needs and their IT landscapes.