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Man/woman power: a portrait of the members of the Management Board

Christa Koenen (Chief Executive Officer & Chair of the Management Board), Dr. Klaus Rüffler (Chief Human Resources Officer), Gerald Hofer (Operations), and Bodo Gmel (Chief Financial Officer) control the fate of DB Systel.

Christa Koenen, Chief Executive Officer (Chair)

After completing her degree in Economics at the Universities of Mainz and Freiburg, Christa Koenen worked in several different companies including as a strategy consultant. In addition she earned her MBA from IESE Business School in Barcelona. Christa Koenen joined Deutsche Bahn in 2004, where she initially worked in Group Strategy followed by several different positions in the Services business unit. Prior to her appointment as Managing Director, she was Head of Controlling and Business Development for the business unit. In August 2011, she was appointed Managing Director for Finance and Controlling of DB Kommunikationstechnik GmbH. In May 2014, Christa Koenen joined the Management Board of DB Systel as Managing Director for Finance and Controlling. Effective May 1, 2015, she was additionally appointed Chair of the Management Board of DB Systel. As of October 2015, she is Chair of the Management Board exclusively. 

Dr. Klaus Rüffler, Chief Human Resources Officer

Dr. Klaus Rüffler holds a doctorate in law. After law school at the Universities of Mainz and Frankfurt am Main, he started his career as company lawyer for different companies in the construction and real estate industries. Since joining Deutsche Bahn AG in 2000, he has held various management positions. He was the Head of the Legal Department for DB Netze Track as well as Head of Civil Servants Affairs between 2005 and 2008. Dr. Klaus Rüffler was appointed Managing Director for Human Resources at DB Systel on 1 December 2008.

Bodo Gmel, Chief Financial Officer

After graduating in business administration with a focus on  corporate accounting from the University of Cologne, Bodo Gmel worked for various companies and held various positions, for example Head of Divisional and Affiliate Controlling at RWE Systems. Since 2005 he has held various management positions at Deutsche Bahn AG, the most recent being Head of Corporate Controlling, Corporate/Service Functions. Bodo Gmel was appointed Managing Director Finance and Controlling at DB Systel on 1 October 2015.

Gerald Hofer, Chief Operating Officer

Gerald Hofer graduated in business administration from the administration and economic academy, Verwaltungs- und Wirtschaftsakademie, and began his career as a freelance consultant and project manager for infrastructure and IT. While performing various management roles, including Vice President Application Line at T-Systems International, he also completed postgraduate study programmes in his spare time. These included an MSc in "strategic information management".

In 2005, he moved to DB Systel GmbH, where he managed the data centre. He took on further management roles over the  subsequent years, including Head of Business Development (ppa.). He left DB Systel in 2014 to head ICT operations at QSC AG, where he was also a member of the management team (ppa.). Hofer returned to DB Systel in November 2015 to take on the newly created position of Chief Operating Officer (COO).