Digital Security Solutions – digitalisation hinges on IT security

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Combatting potential threats in good time

Article: Digital Security Solutions – digitalisation hinges on IT security

How you can protect your digital corporate assets with thought-out, holistic solutions and close security gaps

Digitalisation promotes the interaction between users of mobile devices, on-premises systems and the cloud. As a result, not only does the volume of confidential data grow rapidly. The security risk also increases because the overall environment and the actual threat are constantly changing. So combat potential threats in good time.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Protection of applications right from the development phase
  • Early detection of vulnerabilities and anomalies with existing applications
  • Secure communications between mobile devices, on-premises systems and cloud

Cybercrime past and present

Whereas disorganised mass attacks used to be the norm, nowadays we face targeted individual attacks. Individuals have joined forces to create global cybercrime. Here the various tasks are shared, with attackers operating largely undetected. Mobile, IoT and cloud botnets are joining PC botnets. All in all, attacks are becoming more professional, with an increase in the frequency and "quality" of these attacks.

The threat is multifaceted – but so are our Solutions!

With our broad range of security solutions we close security gaps by combining individual modules like jigsaw pieces to create a coherent "overall picture". With a thought-out, holistic solution, we tackle all aspects of the internal and external threats in a targeted manner.

  1. Prevent
    Most threats are averted before they can get into the system.
  2. Detect
    Rapid identification of security gaps and immediate intervention help detect and eliminate threats before they can cause damage.
  3. Respond
    If cyber criminals have managed to penetrate the system, is identified and systematically combated within a minimal time frame.

The permanent feedback within this three-stage process guarantees our tools improve all the time. Annually we block, among other things, some 150 million spam and phishing e-mails, repel on average 20 DDoS attacks and prevent access to around 38,000 new malicious websites.

For hackers, information constitutes lucrative targets

Factor in your IT security requirements right from the development stage

  • With the Security Kick-Off a team of consultants supports you with all aspects of IT security in a very early project phase. Whether it is compliance, governance or technical solution questions - with this format you tie down the issue of IT security right before the project start
  • Our threat analyses are based on a systematic, tried-and-trusted approach, which was developed by Microsoft to determine security-specific threats
  • A tool-based analysis of the source code dubbed the Static application security test helps development teams identify and eliminate potential security problems right from the development stage
  • The IT applications security test helps our experienced security experts uncover existing vulnerabilities in the source code, using the same methods employed by professional attackers
  • The Security training for software projects helps ensure via specially tailored training courses that project teams develop applications independently, which implement your specific security requirements in line with the state of the art
Hackers eavesdrop on information or read it 

Protect your communications between mobile devices, on-premises systems and the cloud

  • The Mobile Connect & DB Mobile Intranet service provides access via the Internet to individual applications and services in the DB intranet in line with protection requirements
  • With Single Sign-On & Federation Services we operate for you an "identity federation" and single-sign-on solution for web applications in DB AG's internal network as well as for externally provided applications. We also integrate multifactor authentication as an option
  • Our Remote Access Services allow entire locations or individual systems to be connected. So you use your resources in the DB Systel data centre, regardless of where these resources are located
  • DB SecMail sends encrypted, signed e-mails and calendar entries to external users that do not use Lotus Notes
Hackers specifically exploit vulnerabilities 

Systematically combat the professionalism of attackers

  • As part of the Technical Security Assessment we conduct regular vulnerability assessments, uncover "vulnerable flanks" within your IT infrastructure and help you take necessary security measures
  • attempts to penetrate the target system within a controlled framework
  • provides early detection and clarification of security incidents based on anomaly detection – not based on signatures. As such, attacks can also be identified which were previously unknown in this form

With our Security Consulting service, you use standardised consulting formats in certain cases, or consulting formats tailored to your requirements in others. These help you protect your digital corporate assets on all levels – both in relation to processes and with regard to technical security solutions.

Are you aware of your security gaps?
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