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Cloud solutions tailored to your requirements

New technologies can be used efficiently and cost-effectively with the cloud. The upshot is greater flexibility, increased dynamism and far lower IT costs.

Digitalisation is a challenge and opportunity at the same time. Cloudification allows new technologies to be used efficiently and cost-effectively. Not only does the IT budget go further. The cloud also gives you new, rapid ways of responding flexibly to market trends and customer requirements.

We support your transition to the cloud with the DB Enterprise Cloud. As a central integrator we optimise costs across the used infrastructure. We promote enterprise integration through standardised cloud services while centralised IT security management guarantees a high level of data protection in the Group.

Advantages of cloud services:

  • Promotion of new business models and innovations
  • Maximum flexibility and rapid time-to-market
  • Lower IT costs and less capital employed

Choose the offering that best suits you:

We provide a range of offerings, each tailored to your wishes, requirements and relevant use cases.

Cloud services

Looking to use and operate the cloud provider's cloud services independently? With basic cloud access you have the freedom to run all levels of IT operation yourself. At the same time you have lots of flexibility when it comes to ordering, using, configuring and cancelling the cloud infrastructure services. 

Are you looking for flexibility without having to assume responsibility for cloud governance? From the virtual data centre upwards, you can also operate cloud services yourself. DB manages the underlying virtual data centre and, in turn, network security and compliance with statutory requirements.

Cloud application operation

Are you looking to shift your operationally managed applications to the cloud and so cut costs? The easy way onto the cloud – especially for existing applications – is to migrate existing applications without modifying and optimising the architecture. The migration overhead is kept low and you reduce running costs.

Are you looking for DB Systel to optimise operation of your cloud application? The targeted use of the cloud provider's highly standardised services and functions makes you more flexible and optimises your costs. The key levers are standardisation, automation and scalability, i.e. you only pay for the resources that you actually need..

Consulting services for your tailor-made cloud

To ensure cloud services are optimally tailored and deployed for your business, we will gladly provide you with advice on topics such as:

  • Migratability of your applications
  • IT architecture
  • Auditability of your services
  • Rights and obligations according to Group specifications regarding IT security and data protection

What cloud fits in with your business?
Get in touch with us – we will be happy to advise you.