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Article: Mobile solutions - from vision to rollout

Mobile solutions play a key role in optimising business processes and making them more flexible as part of digitalisation. More than anything else, complex enterprise application landscapes demand specialist expertise.

We aim to move away from standalone solutions that provide short-term fixes for functional or operational problems, and instead exploit the advantages of platform-based standard systems. One challenge we face is that employees expect business applications to provide the same quality of digital experience that they are used to receiving from their smartphones or tablets. We are using our considerable innovative capacity to take advantage of the current rate of technological progress and continue to offer you new opportunities to improve your business processes.

Our teams of expert business, technology and design consultants collaborate closely to develop outstanding solutions. In our efforts to achieve the best possible user experience, we keep the focus firmly on the user. Our teams combine solid railway expertise with a fresh and impartial perspective to find solutions to a variety of issues related to security, data protection and integration.

Our areas of expertise:

1. Consulting

Good consulting always starts with a clear understanding of the problem. Our consulting portfolio ranges from developing primary mobile strategies and analysing goals, target groups and requirements, to designing and evaluating prototypes. We offer comprehensive user experience and interface design consulting for a wide range of projects and products, including those involving the latest technologies such as blockchain.

Consulting examples:

Mobile IT strategy for DB Fernverkehr

We drafted a two-year mobile IT strategy for DB Fernverkehr, starting with a series of in-depth interviews with the specialist departments that quickly identified the company's day-to-day requirements. We derived solution packages from these requirements, and jointly assessed their significance for the company.

At both an organisational and a technical level, the ultimate outcome of these solution packages has been a modern solution based on knowledge sharing, reuse and standardisation. Thanks to our practical experience in the mobile environment and the successful implementation of the mobile strategy, DB Systel is helping DB Fernverkehr to achieve rapid and noticeable improvements in the development and use of mobile solutions at the company.

/ barrierefrei (barrier-free)

What exactly do we mean by "barrier-free" when it comes to a smartphone app, and how can you get as many customers as possible (including those with special needs) on board?

The / barrierefrei team has the answers to these questions. In accordance with the principle "remove access barriers, give freedom", we have created a consulting portfolio with three elements: Consult. Test. Enable. It focuses on making existing apps more accessible and developing apps with an emphasis on accessibility, ensuring a better experience for all users. After only a few days' work, we have already achieved useful early results. We provide legal certainty by providing consulting that takes EU directives into account and focuses on the user. We take our social responsibility seriously and offer a way for more people to access and use digital products without barriers.

Blockchain consulting

From the initial consultation through to strategic and technical consulting and comprehensive impact analysis: our skilled and experienced blockchain consultants can help you to implement the latest cutting-edge technology correctly and efficiently in your company.

Our experts are already working on numerous blockchain projects – from supply chain management and intelligent business relations to blockchain identity management. We have also defined numerous use cases for all DB company divisions (passenger transport, logistics, infrastructure) in our ideation workshops and developed them from the initial design stage to active piloting.

2. Standard apps and business solutions

DB Systel can offer you an attractive modular system that consists of standard mobile applications and services to help you implement your requirements cost effectively and ensure a short time-to-market. Similar processes across the Group can be implemented across multiple business units and – ideally – customised to your requirements without additional development effort.

Besides lower development costs, you also benefit from attractively low operating costs, since the large number of users keeps the costs of standard apps and business solutions down. Our portfolio ranges from the highly standardised apps available from the DB App Store to our innovative mobile platform concept MOVE. Thanks to its sophisticated architecture, MOVE offers you the opportunity to develop customised applications in addition to using a range of attractive standard applications.

Here are some examples: 

MOVE. Everything in a single app: the mobile strategy

One of the challenges we face is that because similar development activities are often performed multiple times in the DB Group, we fail to benefit from Group-wide synergistic effects. There is often a lack of an overall strategy that could provide answers to issues relating to complexity, rising costs and heterogeneous landscapes for mobile applications.

MOVE provides a central application system in which applications are utilised optimally and implemented fully. Since its introduction in mid-2017, MOVE has lightened the load of users and improved workflow Management.

RIM Rail-in-Motion

Work-related information can be found in various locations and different formats – as paper documents, e-mails, PC applications or on-board display units. As employees become more mobile, new information channels are required to enable information and relevant internal communications to be shared anywhere and at any time. Rail-in-Motion (RiM) provides employees with on-demand access to the information they require in any given situation, on a personalised end-user device featuring modular apps to minimise costs.

Smart Booking – make the most of your office buildings

With no prospect of a fall in the cost of office space, and a growing demand for flexible work spaces fuelled by an increase in agile work methods, Smart Booking uses integrated sensor technology and person counting to identify unused building resources.
Employees can use their smartphones to find the nearest free quiet booth, desk-sharing work space or meeting room. Facility managers can access an up-to-date overview of the current utilisation of buildings and spaces using modern dashboards. Forecast tools can be used to support space optimisation, e.g. by establishing desk-sharing quotas.  

3. Solution development

As a full-service provider, we create tailor-made mobile solutions for you and support you throughout their entire life cycle. We take a holistic view of business and user requirements, and use the latest user experience design methods as needed.

Our specialist implementation teams for Android, iOS, and web technology have many years of experience and well-established processes for onshore, nearshore and offshore maintenance. You benefit from efficient, up-to-date frameworks and operating concepts such as cloud computing.

Solution development examples: 

Puma - cross-process mobile application system

The ability to record damage using a mobile device in a vehicle or maintenance depot is essential to enable such damage to be repaired quickly and effectively. PUMA is a cross-company agile team that contributes to faster processes, shorter throughput times, timely deliveries and, ultimately, passenger satisfaction.

Bestandspläne 4.0 – infrastructure plans and planning data on mobile devices

With around 5 million paper infrastructure plans and 650,000 changes being made to plans each year, the workflow for plan changes (notification, modification, printing and distribution) takes far too long. In many cases, changes have been made on paper and cannot be accessed centrally.

By providing current plans directly on an end user device in digital format and allowing them to be viewed by multiple persons simultaneously, corrections can be made quickly and flexibly. Users can search for plans using various search criteria and share additional remarks regarding the plans with colleagues.

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