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The digital workplace for rail

Article: Digital Workplace – New forms of communication and collaboration

The digital workplace as a basis for digitalising your business processes.

Global markets call for global strategies and, in turn, a change in familiar work processes. Where you work has ceased to matter. By contrast, the ability to share information quickly and securely plays an increasingly important role.

We deliver secure digital working in a simple way for every user in the DB Group. The user stands firmly centre stage with no restrictions – their needs when it comes to communication and collaboration are our guiding principle. 

To this end we provide all services which fulfil the functional requirements for a modern, attractive and digital workplace. To this end, we provide not only state-of-the-art cloud services, but also necessary on-premise applications.

Your benefits:

  • Digital work stations that can be used anywhere and on any device ensure ideal collaboration and communication within teams and companies
  • Group-wide connectivity enables colleagues to share data and provides access to a wide variety of corporate information
  • You participate out of the box in innovations and further developments
  • You can rest assured that applicable guidelines, data privacy requirements and co-determination rules within the Group are complied with

End-to-End service

For us, end-to-end service means that we are on hand to advise you from development, through design, to testing and operating solutions. The digital workplace includes all workplaces that rely on state-of-the-art hardware and software. Also included are the requisite network services, all collaboration applications for working jointly on a project as well as comprehensive user services such as help desk, support or self-services.

Why us?

  • You receive competitive workplace and communications products and benefeit from a great price/performance ratio
  • All products are optimised for DB-internal requirements and individual business processes
  • The products are integrated into a holistic "Digital Workplace" portfolio
  • All DB general requirements (data protection, security, etc.) are factored in
  • We provide you with precisely the IT that supports your business

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