Digital innovations open new markets

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Digital innovation

A source of inspiration for new business ideas

Article: Digital innovations open new markets

We develop new ideas together with you for tomorrow's digital business world.

Ideas are more valuable today than ever before. Remaining competitive in the market and developing your business means constantly having to come up with new ideas. However, new ideas cannot be generated at the touch of a button. This requires specific methods to promote creativity and allow ideas to flow. Our specially trained consultants use exactly these kinds of creative methods to develop innovative, market-ready solutions together with you.

Creative thinking, thinking outside the box, new ways of thinking: we give you an opportunity to try these out. For example, the Skydeck – a powerhouse for creativity and catalyst for new ideas – is at your disposal. The Skydeck offers you a range of opportunities to come up with new ideas, puzzle out the details and test potential areas of application – playfully, freely and creatively. 

As an innovation partner for Deutsche Bahn, we employ consultants with highly developed innovative expertise and a thorough knowledge of railway and IT matters. Solutions are developed jointly and tailored precisely to the requirements of Deutsche Bahn and its customers.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Cooperative
    Access to an extensive innovation network of specialist departments and service providers
  • Integrative
    We combine railway, IT and innovative expertise with market knowledge and market trends
  • InnovativeYou enter new markets through the development of new digital business models

Benefit from our methodological competency
We use a wide variety of focused creative methods, including the following:

  • Design thinking workshop
    Setting aside any preconceived ideas about potential outcomes, we work together to develop and validate a range of potential solution approaches in a clearly structured, iterative creative process. A key aspect of this process is prototyping: the step-by-step implementation of selected ideas as increasingly detailed visual and tangible prototypes.
  • Hackathon
    A hackathon is a collaborative software and hardware development event that provides an opportunity to develop and validate various solution approaches for specific issues. Experts collaborate in various project groups for a predetermined period to generate a range of different ideas.
  • Innovation engine
    With the agile health check, we support you on your journey to agile excellence. We analyse your business unit and help you develop measures to achieve greater flexibility and efficiency using agile methods.

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