Data solutions – leverage your data treasure

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Data Solutions

More than just reporting

Article: Data solutions – leverage your data treasure

Whether structured, unstructured or document-oriented: We allow you to leverage all data from any conceivable source – profitably and holistically.

Do you collect, record and store large volumes of data from various sources and aim to use that data as the basis for operational or strategic business decisions? Conventional methods, however, do not always allow data with different quality and structure to be analysed specifically with regard to a particular question? We provide you with tools that can be used to link all key information in a targeted manner so you can identify relevant decision-making correlations and dependencies.

Data Management Platform

The Data Management Platform (DMP) provides a toolbox that simplifies working with data in order to quickly derive the right decisions from it.
The DMP relieves DevOps engineers and data engineers with standardised, scalable, policy-compliant services for merging, storing and processing data. This allows DevOps teams to focus on their project-specific development work instead of spending time setting up and running services.

Data Solutions

Our data solutions not only let you analyse the actual situation or the past, and their repercussions on the present, but let you go much further. Predictive analytics also allows you to assess future developments, run through various scenarios and have fact-based alternatives presented. See in advance what will happen if you alter one or other lever, thus optimising your business processes.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Functions for presenting data with the best analysis tools on the market
  • Simple, holistically optimised data usage, even with a complex information base
  • Review of business decisions using targeted, meaningful processes
  • Consolidation of existing business based on comprehensive decision-making criteria
  • Highlighting of new business potential by identifying hidden patterns, trends and correlations using state-of-the-art analysis methods

We supply a wide range of solutions from basic services, self-service offerings through to a complete business solution.

  • Business intelligence applications for simple analyses and reporting
  • Self-service analytics for simple processing of data using visually appealing dashboards
  • Advanced and predictive analytics for complex analyses, pattern recognition and forecasting
  • Artificial intelligence for automating and optimising business processes
  • Master data management and data governance for methodical, tool-based support for the management, organisation and quality enhancement of corporate data

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