Integration paves the way from the cost to the revenue model

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Article: Integration paves the way from the cost to the revenue model

We integrate your services into business solutions so you can leverage new potential with your own digital assets and tap into new markets.

Would you like to provide your digital assets as services in the Group and for third parties, and generate revenue in the process? Would you like to combine internal and external services and tailor them to your individual business requirements and processes? Do you need platforms for your services? We offer you the option of providing these services rapidly, cost-effectively as an integrated solution. We aim to make your business processes as simple as possible across company boundaries.

The digital accelerator: business hub as foundation 

We offer the business hub as a platform both vertically in your market and horizontally across all business units. Existing services can be integrated here – along with new internal or external services – to deliver modular overall solutions. So your business unit can capitalise on maximum flexibility and combined services according to your requirements.

Our portfolio includes the complete end-to-end service (E2E) to integrate your business solutions and services. This enables upcoming changes to be implemented with suitable solutions in a minimal time frame. And you have maximum development options and can – by offering your own digital assets – leverage new potential.

In addition, we also offer messaging solutions and the integration of service-oriented architectures (SOA) in state-of-the-art microservice structures.

A fully integrated portfolio:

  • Consulting: service integration, business processes, strategy
  • API-zation of your existing applications
  • Business hub as gateway to the platform economy and development of new business models

Consulting for IT integration of business processes

We support you with extensive consulting for integrating and automating IT solutions. New technical innovations are not analysed for each business unit, but on an overarching basis so they can be exploited fully. We help you open up your existing application to the market and to move from a cost to a revenue model.

Your benefits:

  • Linking of market knowledge and market trends as well as DB expertise
  • Cost and margin optimisation of existing business models
  • Increased turnover by tapping into additional target groups in the existing market
  • Tapping into new markets by developing new products / business models
  • Development of technological framework conditions for future digitalisation measures (platform Integration)

Our products:

  • Consulting and end-to-end service for integration
  • Business hub as a platform

Would you like to exploit the benefits of the business hub or our service platforms?
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