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Knowing your customers, designing communication professionally

Article: Customer Relationship Solutions

Build relationships — create experiences

Your customers are optimally informed, broadly connected, critical, demanding and always up-to-date. Considerably more is needed in this day and age to ensure customer satisfaction and strengthen customer relationships in the long term. Customers are expecting user experiences that are customised, personal and precisely geared to their needs. For that, you need to reach your customers along the entire customer journey, from touchpoint to touchpoint, and even exceed their expectations. Strong Rail in Germany absolutely depends on this point.

Our Customer Relationship Solutions (CRS) portfolio provides you with extensive opportunities to interact with customers and establish strong customer relationships. Toward that end, we provide advice on, supply, develop and operate single-source, end-to-end solutions from the touchpoint to the back end system. In the process, we help you optimise your contact channels, create user experiences and boost the confidence your customers place in your business.

We work together with our strategic partners to make the best standard solutions on the market available to you. Through comprehensive consultation, we succeed in efficiently linking together a broad range of solutions and integrating them into your existing IT landscape. This allows you to concentrate on what is most important: your customers.

Our CRS experts would be happy to give you vendor-neutral advice about our products and services:


  • Continuous project management throughout all project phases and a well-qualified point of contact with many years of rail expertise
  • We are a one-stop shop; we iterate rapidly and with high intensity
  • Expertise campaigns throughout all DB's business units
  • Leveraging the strategic DB IT infrastructure with data ownership in the DB Group for handling data responsibly
  • Best IT solutions on the market, aligned with security and privacy provisions with a high level of flexibility and scalability as well as strong confidentiality and reliability

Our Customer Relationship Solutions at a glance

Our overall approach ranges from a first initial assessment to the development of a CRS strategy and the design of CRS processes all the way to "build and run" and ongoing functional support.

CRS Projects & Consulting

Our consultants specialise in customer relationships and user experiences, combining far-reaching rail expertise with functional and technical expertise. We will be happy to assist you with a campaign strategy based on your corporate targets, with Content Consulting for your promising website, with a strategy for your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or with selecting the appropriate CRM system. Put key performance indicators and your target audience together effectively as a basis for improving your product as successfully as possible.

Digital Marketing & Sales

We will help you to put your marketing and sales strategy into effect. Create experiences for your customers using the right IT system and optimise the customer journey throughout all touchpoints. CRS solutions developed in-house, such as the DB Content Hub, as well as solutions from our strategic partners Salesforce, Adobe and Microsoft provide the perfect framework for this. We would also be happy to assist you with the creative design of your content using explanatory films and infographics. Together, we will find the solution that best meets your needs and requirements.

Travel & Transport Experience

We work with you to create opportunities to interact with your customers in a modern and innovative way, and to meet growing customer expectations in relation to customer interaction within mobility and transport services. To achieve this, we tap into new customer touchpoints and supplement existing services with new ones. These digital and physical touchpoints range from the first initial contact and any subsequent interactions through to consumption of your product or service and the establishment of a loyal customer relationship. Traceability and measurability come first and foremost here – both are key to helping you optimise your business.

CRS Support & Operations

You can count on us! We offer you comprehensive technical support for our products and services as well as IT-side application management of your systems. One-stop shop: trust our many years of expertise to ensure reliable and safe operation of your applications.

Do you want to take your user experiences to a new level and strengthen relationships with your customers? Then please get in touch with us. We’re happy to advise you.