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CRS – promoting successful customer relationships

Article: CRS – promoting successful customer relationships

Would you like to gain new insights by networking all customer-related data so you can develop centrally controlled communications? Customer Relationship Solutions offers you the right, holistic solutions.

Close customer relationships form the basis for future business. Our expertise in Customer Relationship Solutions (CRS) helps you gain a 360° view of your relevant customers and ensures well-organised communications.

We combine in-depth Deutsche Bahn expertise with functional and technical CRS consulting expertise. And as a holistic solutions provider we deliver stable, fault-free operation of customised CRS applications.

Our CRS portfolio offers you the right solutions:

  • CRM – customer relationship management
    We offer you modern customer relationship management – enabling you to generate added value for your Business.
  • ECM & WCM – enterprise and web-content management
    Our content management solutions and supplementary consulting services allow us to bring your communications to life.
  • DBC – digital sales channels
    Implement modern online customer interfaces with our DB-specific standard solutions DB customer portal, commerce or service Management.
  • TIS – transport information systems
    Our portfolio includes services for passenger information and for freight Transport.

We create standardised solutions by efficiently networking the different key areas of the CRS portfolio by means of overarching consulting services.

Our holistic approach ranges from initial stocktaking, the development of a CRS strategy and the design of the CRS processes, to the build and run, and ongoing functional support.

Your benefits

  • Provision of a uniform digital solution
  • Only minimal investment required
  • Better usability for you and your customers
  • More service quality and efficiency
  • The result is greater customer satisfaction

Products for better customer relationships:

CRM consulting

Our CRM consultants offer you professional support with the following:

We sit down with you to develop a suitable CRM strategy that aims to optimise revenue, profitability and customer satisfaction

We help you establish suitable CRM processes and gain a holistic view of your customers

Concept Creation 
We put together for you customised marketing, sales and service concepts

We help you select, implement and operate an optimum CRM solution and ensure stable operation

CMS & content service

Do you want to inform your customers effectively? Would you like targeted digital communications with users? We bring your digital communications to life.

We sit down with you to develop a strategy which includes the planning, creation, sourcing and operational management of useful and usable content.

Our portfolio includes four elements:

Content management systems
We offer you DB-modified solutions from the blog, homepage tool kit to enterprise web-content management.

Digital concepts
Includes content strategy, content marketing and content concept as well as do-it-yourself documents

Online editing
Covers content production, content maintenance and content review. We evaluate your content and provide functional feedback, which is based on dialogue principles, web-text criteria and experience.

Creative service
We offer videos, illustrations, image processing and design concepts.

DB customer Portal

The DB customer portal is aimed at B2B customers, who hitherto use different tools and touchpoints for various services: for instance to order services, to make complaints or generate contracts.

The DB customer portal integrates this fragmented internal IT landscape into a centralised, flexible online customer interface with a standard look & feel.

The solution can be tailored as required to your customer journey, thus maximising customer retention right from the online customer Interface.

The advantages of this digital sales channel solution:

  • Digital customer experience – suitable for complex business models in the B2B
  • Highly flexible portal structure; rapid, simple integration
  • Simple customisation and configurability using drag-and-drop
  • Usage-based billing
  • Low investment costs

Are you looking to further develop your customer relationships successfully?
We will be happy to advise you.