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Optimal mediation of large building projects

WorldInsight speeds up your approval procedures and ensures that construction begins earlier.

WorldInsight helps you to
  • Win the support of citizens and committees for your project
  • Speed up approval processes
  • Minimise plan adjustments and reduce planning costs

Imagine that everything runs smoothly with a large building project. Do you automatically think that this is actually impossible nowadays?

In the past, major buildings were often completed within a short time. Today a planning permission procedure alone takes a comparable amount of time. But why is that?

The answer is easy: the bigger the building project, the greater the impact on the general public. 

It is usually difficult for outsiders to imagine what the finished product will look like and what benefits it will bring. This helps to explain why the public sometimes has reservations about a project, which, in the worst case, can lead to a delay in the start of construction and rising planning costs.

So why don't we use a simple way to allay any such concerns held by residents and the public?

With Worldlnsight, you can create 3D visualisations of your building projects whenever you want and explore them with flexibility and in real time.

Thanks to the detailed, realistic visualisation of the project, residents and others can navigate through the model to the windows of their apartment and get a realistic picture of the future. Changes to transport routes and access points can also be depicted excellently using Worldlnsight. All of this helps to move away from emotionally charged discussions and towards a fact-based approach to finding solutions together.

In a nutshell: Worldlnsight is the ideal tool for gaining outside support, be it from sceptics or investors, and for conveniently delivering a clear picture of your building project.


Simulate and verify construction plans

WorldInsight shortens planning periods and minimises planning errors.

WorldInsight helps you to:
  • Win people's support for your project
  • Avoid planning errors
  • Reduce your planning effort

EUR 60 million construction volume, six weeks of planning, a 60-minute presentation, and one decision. Everything has to fit right into place.

However, we know from experience that numerous problems can occur particularly with large, complex building and infrastructure projects

For example, some groups of people may be so sceptical that additional certificates and special checks become necessary, making the implementation of the project a distant prospect. 

With Worldlnsight, you can conveniently show your target group what a building or infrastructure project looks like and enable them to move freely through the model in real time. In short, they can view the project from every angle.

Since reality is depicted true to scale and without distortions, you can use your Worldlnsight model whenever you want for expert assessments, feasibility studies and engineering inspections.

While conventional methods of creating 3D models are very time-consuming and expensive, WorldInsight 3D models can be quickly created and adjusted thanks to the semi-automatic process, giving it a unique price-performance ratio.

If you would like to easily and quickly win over your customers and stakeholders in future, contact us now and we will gladly show you other ways in which you can benefit. We can also show you how Deutsche Bahn, for example, is benefiting from using Worldlnsight in its large infrastructure projects.

Identify and repair defects faster

WorldInsight reduces your facility management costs.

WorldInsight helps you to:
  • Find errors faster
  • Prepare repairs optimally
  • Troubleshoot more quickly

Save up to 10% of your facility management costs with a new form of transparency.

Maintenance and service are among the highest costs in facility management. But they are unavoidable because defects can, for example, quickly develop into safety hazards.

Performing repair and maintenance work quickly and smoothly is therefore crucial to operating building complexes and facilities. 

In practice, it is often difficult to immediately identify causes of defects or to have the right tools and materials directly on site.

Service technicians frequently spend a lot of time looking for the defect or require several trips before they can carry out the repair.

This often results in high facility management costs, even though there was no satisfactory solution.

Worldlnsight provides you with a 3D model of your properties that you can simply connect to your facility management system.

This will enable your service technicians in future to navigate to the defect and prepare optimally for each job. The Worldlnsight model allows obstacles to be detected in advance and necessary tools to be assembled. Via a connection to asset management systems, technicians can also see exactly which spare parts they will need to carry out the repair.

This allows defects to be located quickly on site and, thanks to optimal preparations by your technicians, rectified immediately.

Not only does this save time and money, but your customers will be impressed by your quality of service.

You, too, can reduce your facility management costs – call us to arrange a free consultation to determine potential savings for your properties.