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Grow together with WorldInsight

WorldInsight's interface and development environment enables it to be optimally adjusted to meet your requirements.

WorldInsight can be connected flexibly via interfaces to SAP® systems, asset management software products, Microsoft Project and many other application programs.

This allows you to apply information from these connected target systems to the modelled 3D scenes, process it in WorldInsight and then import it back into the target systems.

It is user-friendly and can be carried out by anyone because no special software skills are required. As a result, a much larger group of users than before can use and maintain data in target systems. 

WorldInsight helps you to:
  • Avoid shortages of specialist personnel
  • Speed up data collection and processing
  • ​Localise information faster and more reliably using a 3D search engine

A lifetime of maximum benefits

WorldInsight models support you throughout the entire lifetime of your infrastructure or property.

Project development

Worldlnsight provides you with a distortion-free 3D model right from the start, which you can use to navigate in real time and view your project from every angle.

By georeferencing the model, elements such as transport connections and points of interest can be easily integrated. This helps all participants, such as those involved and affected during coordination processes, to obtain a clear picture of the project. In this way, doubts and uncertainties can be cleared up more quickly.


Before building begins, it is important to carefully examine the special features and planning assumptions of the project. Thanks to WorldInsight's detailed images and mathematical test functions, many stumbling blocks can be detected in advance and suitable action taken early on.

If plans change, the model can be updated inexpensively at any time. You can also simulate and test challenges that lie in geographical and infrastructural conditions, such as the set-up of the construction site and suitability of access routes.


During the entire construction period, it is important to keep sight of the "big picture" so that all effects of plan changes are identified early on. This is not a problem with Worldlnsight because the model always visualises the precise impact of various changes or how individual construction phases fit into the overall picture.


Your service technicians can use a Worldlnsight 3D model of your properties that is connected to your facility management system to navigate through the model to the defect and thus prepare themselves optimally for each task at hand. Contractual documents such as warranties and maintenance contracts can be linked to the corresponding objects in the 3D model, allowing them to be found more quickly.


Whether it is new windows, new façade design, building extensions or bathroom renovations, all types of reconstruction and modernisation measures can be demonstrated realistically and without distortions in the Worldlnsight 3D model with very little effort. You will always have a reliable and trouble-free tool to help you during countless important decision-making processes.

WorldInsight for tablet PCs*

Use WorldInsight for tablet PCs to keep track while you are on the move.