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Digitisation of business processes

Secure and easy handling of data with a mobile device

Rail-in-Motion helps you to
  • Considerably reduce time for gathering information and loss of information
  • Make workflows more efficient
  • Keep your employees up to date

Many companies face the challenge of providing their employees with work orders, shift schedules and instructions on paper as quickly as possible. Often the information required comes from different IT systems. In the case of a train driver, this can quickly amount to 5 kg of paper that they must carry with them to comply with legal provisions.

This is no longer necessary with Rail-in-Motion as a certain user group can obtain relevant information via a specified app and can process this information directly on the tablet PC. If necessary, apps can be combined into a customised package. The integrated platform enables secure data exchange and communication via the internet. The result is that end users – your employees – only have to carry one device (tablet PC) around.

The above diagram shows you the platform architecture of Rail-in-Motion. The RiM Broker is the core element for secure data exchange with mobile applications. User and rights administration of each user is controlled via Identity Management (IDM), e.g. which back-end systems and what data is the user authorised to access? A connector facilitates this access.

Rail-in-Motion is flexible: We can develop a separate app for your specific area of application that you can use via a specially developed connector on the platform. So the range of available RiM apps is being continuously expanded. Companies that now start to use Rail-in-Motion benefit from our experience as Europe's largest mobility service provider. You will find all contact information here