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Increased transparency for IT: iTopManager® by DB Systel

With the new configuration tool for Business Service Monitoring, you immediately know what countermeasures need to be taken in the event of an error.

Reliable IT is essential for every business. But what if an error occurs in your IT system? Do you know the exact impact this will have on your business? How fast are you able to locate the error and eliminate it?

The dependency of critical business processes on available IT support has been continuously increasing. Optimum coordination of business and IT therefore has a decisive competitive factor for the economic success of your company.

Business Service Management (BSM) functions as the connection between Business Process Management (BPM) and the IT Service Management (ITSM). The objective of BSM is to improve the coordination of your business processes with IT.

Detailed demonstrations of the dependencies of your business on your IT and illustrating effects of IT failures on your business require perfect knowledge of the existing IT components and their complex interactions.

Error rates of IT operations continue to grow due to increasing complexity and integration of IT operations. The more heterogeneous the IT landscape, the more time is required for error detection and elimination.

Minimise the troubleshooting time in your company in the future and quickly create transparency by using iTopManager®, the tool for configuring your Business Service Monitoring system.