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Managing everyday IT challenges with ease

Faster adaptations to Business Service Monitoring, less configuration and improved quality

Today's IT landscapes often comprise hundreds of components and services that have to work together perfectly so that the end customer's IT-supported business processes can be carried out efficiently. Even minor sources of error can severely disrupt multi-layered mechanisms.

In such complex structures, monitoring the individual components in isolation is not sufficient to quickly understand and rectify the causes of complex faults in which several components have malfunctioned at the same time. You too can benefit from iTopManager®.

iTopManager ® is suitable for

  • every industry and is manufacturer-independent
  • all company sizes with a complex and heterogeneous IT landscape
  • use with business monitoring service systems
  • companies with frequently changing IT processes, services or IT environments

Create transparency in case of IT faults.

As the decision maker concerned with the performance quality of your company's IT resources, you want comprehensive monitoring of all system components that enables faults to be rectified quickly and efficiently while providing customers with optimum information about the expected duration of the fault and an evaluation of the effects of the downtime on their business processes.

However, in practice this often fails due to missing or poorly structured information about the relationships between the countless interlinked components in your IT landscape.

iTopManager® was specially developed to meet this requirement and has successfully proved its worth in practice.