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Learn more about the advantages of iTopManager®

An end to misunderstandings: combined languages of business and technology.

IT professionals are used to depicting all relevant Configuration Items (CIs) in keeping with their technical relationships in the Content Management Database (CMDB). They communicate using rather technology-oriented language and, between themselves, specialists are usually able to communicate without any problems.

Misunderstandings frequently arise, however, when the technology-oriented side and the service-oriented business side communicate with one another, since concepts are defined differently.

iTopManager® combines the two worlds by clearly defining the concepts and thus avoiding misunderstandings. Furthermore, iTopManager® establishes the basis for standardised specifications, reference architectures, SLAs and service definitions.

Configuring the Business Service Monitoring system without the use of iTopManager®:

iTopManager ® supports the service structure description process by recording the interrelationships in a structured way and in a sequence that can be individually defined for specific customers. The program guides the person entering the data through this predefined description structure, and the structure itself allows only qualified and therefore logically correct links to be made.

iTopManager ® ensures that the required information is available free of any redundancies and in its entirety. Only by taking this approach can subsequent systems be safely and reliably parameterized from the information in iTopManager®.

Configuring the Business Service Monitoring system with iTopManager®:

Result after configuration of the Business Service Monitoring system:

The description structure of iTopManager® does not permit incorrect relationships with service elements. Since loops (for example, A is dependent on B, B on C, and C on A) are strictly prevented in the description, you get a clear and accurate picture of the situation.

If a fault occurs in your IT landscape, the consistent description structure of iTopManager® ensures that it can be restricted and localised immediately.

The fault rectification process can thus be started and finished sooner.

Using iTopManager ensures:

  • Lower error rates
  • Faster error detection thanks to transparent fault profiles
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Increased availability of your IT systems
  • Improved service level maintenance
  • Minimised penalty payments and risks