WorldInsight – 3D models of DB assets


Article: WorldInsight – 3D models of DB assets

WorldInsight is a unique visualisation tool that generates detailed computer-assisted 3D models with real-time navigation. It represents DB's assets in 3D models, enabling better planning and better decision-making.

During planning of large, complex construction and infrastructure projects, people soon reach the limits of their imagination, and it becomes difficult to convince them of the quality of the initiative. As a result, additional proof and special reviews are required. And in the worst case scenario, the concept is not implemented at all.

Worldlnsight enables you not just to show your target group what your planned construction or infrastructure project will look like in three-dimensional space. It also lets you move freely through the model in real time and view the project from all angles.

In addition, 3D models are increasingly being used in augmented-reality and virtual-reality applications. Would you like to have a specific object visualised in three dimensions?

The following can be represented in 3D models, for example:

  • A building, a bridge, a train or a tunnel
  • Large areas such as a city district, a landscape or a wye
  • Small objects such as a switch lever or a signal

Our 3D models are optimised for our entire immersive portfolio and can also be used in EVE and Holo Assist applications.

WorldInsight helps you to:

  •          Avoid planning Errors
  •          Win people's support for your project
  •          Reduce your planning effort

We will be happy to draw up a tailored offer with 3D models based on your plans and data or, if these are not available, on the basis of photos and Videos.

Get in touch with us – we will be happy to advise you.