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Visual data analysis using artificial intelligence

Article: vsion.ai – visual data analysis using artificial intelligence

Our IDA product is your Intelligent Digital Assistant (AI) for image and video data analysis.

IDA supports you by using automated detection, which helps you to gain new insights into your daily work, thereby enabling you to make sound decisions. IDA recognises image and video data, interacts in a user-oriented manner, learns right around the clock and informs users about the conditions it detects. By harnessing this knowledge, it is possible to make lasting improvements to the quality of your workflows, and to streamline your processes. 

Nowadays, cameras are used almost everywhere, in regional trains, suburban trains, at stations, in maintenance depots or through the use of drones. The trick here is to extract truly important information from the myriad of images. This is precisely where vsion.ai comes into play, thanks to its IDA product for digital appraisal. 

IDA's expertise lies in its appraisal of rail-specific assets and/or areas:

  • Train exterior 
  • Train interior 
  • Track infrastructure 
  • Station safety 

IDA currently provides support in all of these areas, with a particular focus on maintenance automation and standardisation. Specifically, IDA supports rail employees in early and optimum fault detection, including maintenance forecasting.

Our services

  • Provision of sensor technology to generate image or video material 
  • Potential analysis of visual data 
    • Images and videos 
    • LiDAR (point clouds)  
    • Infrared 
    • Ultrasound 
  • Image and video analytics tools for AI-based data preparation and data analysis (segmentation, classification and more) 
  • Self-learning systems for continuous optimisation of algorithms 
  • Integration and preservation of rail expertise for automated, standardised and efficient decision-making 
  • Combination of open-source, research and commercial providers 
  • Integration into existing processes and/or your application (including mobile) 
  • API-based service provisioning 
IDA_modularer Baukasten

Benefits of using this technology 
  • End-to-end workflow mapping: from the initial consultation and provision of sensor technology through to appraisal, data storage and data visualisation 
  • Problem-free usability of unstructured data: IDA identifies and processes key insights, patterns and relationships from images and videos. 
  • Faster decision-making based on real-time analysis: gain valuable insights from analyses in real time, and integrate them into your daily work. 

Would you like to use automated image analysis in your business unit? 
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