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Socio-empathic human-machine interaction for the customer experience of tomorrow

Article: SEMMI - Multilingual, scalable and learning AI concierge solutions

As DB we are glad of our excellent service workforce that supports and guides our customers at our various information points - be it the DB Travel Centres, our information counters or several call centres. A majority of customer requests are, however, recurring and easy to answer. This is where the AI-based voice assistant SEMMI supports and relieves our customer service by answering questions in several languages and at any time.

Our language is what really sets us apart as a species. Words define and connect us. Teaching machines human language has never been more promising to bridge the gap between humans and machines and replace the predominant and unnatural devices used to control computers.

With SEMMI - the multilingual, scalable and learning AI concierge solution - Deutsche Bahn sets its stage for the age of voice assistants. The Conversational AI solution SEMMI receives user requests in natural language, analyses, understands and processes them and fulfils it by returning appropriate answers and executing tasks.

We build your unique, brand compliant and intelligent virtual assistants and operate them with SEMMI as a Service as digital avatars, humanoid robots or as intelligent interactive voice response (IVR) solutions within your contact center platform. SEMMI AI is also capable of operating other conversational user interfaces via the accessible SEMMI API.

Select from various conversational user interfaces for your customers.

SEMMI Avatar

The smartest multimodal human-machine interaction your customers ever experienced.

SEMMI Avatar is an advanced, lively and user-friendly human-machine interface which complements your customer service. Operating on the SEMMI Conversational AI, SEMMI Avatar leverages display hardware to deliver a novel, multimodal experience for users. With only a minimum of requirements, SEMMI Avatar can be used on existing or new hardware, outdoor or indoor, with or without touchscreen and completely responsive on any screen size and format. SEMMI Avatar enables you to create brand-compliant, AI-based service touchpoints within your customer-facing environment. And most important: SEMMI Avatar is future-proof. Just think of the variety of processes where avatars could guide and initiate transactions...

Digital Avatar SEMMI
SEMMI Avatar

The socio-empathic, humanoid service robot with a guaranteed wow experience for your customers.

SEMMI Robot is an advanced human-like social robot built in a robust, safe and stylish housing. With a special emphasis on an authentic and empathic user interaction, SEMMI Robot answers the questions of your customers in their native language. SEMMI Robot is operated by SEMMI AI and is based on the technology of Swedish robotics company Furhat Robotics. Based on several development and trial phases with partners like Fraport, East Japan Railway and Furhat Robotics, DB Systel realises a new type of human-machine interaction with SEMMI Robot.

Service Robot SEMMI
SEMMI Hotline

The smart interactive voice response system (IVR) to frictionless scale your customer contact centers.

SEMMI Hotline is a smart interactive voice response (IVR) solution to build natural and rich conversational user experiences via phone. SEMMI Hotline helps you to reduce the load on your service agents by answering simple and repetitive questions autonomously. Thus, SEMMI Hotline lets you significantly scale the number of simultaneously received calls within minutes and without further HR expenses, taking your call center KPIs to a new standard. SEMMI Hotline can be seamlessly integrated into the contact center solution of your choice or be fully managed and operated in the powerful contact center of DB Systel.

Callcenter IVR SEMMI
SEMMI Hotline

Your benefits with SEMMI

  • Relieve your service agents with self-service information services.

    The majority of your customer inquiries are recurring, easy to solve and demand valuable time of your workforce. SEMMI answers these requests independently and allows your staff to focus on more challenging tasks.

  • Assist your customers 24/7.

    Are your customers requiring 24/7 support? Whether your service team is available or not, SEMMI answers your customer inquiries 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • Answer your customers in their native language.

    Now more than ever, the world is moving closer together. As diversity increases, the expectations on your customer service - especially in terms of language skills - increase, too. Counting more than 100 available languages, SEMMI might also response to your customers in their native language.

  • Learn more about your customers.

    What are the most frequently asked questions of your customers? Which services are they missing? Which languages do they use? SEMMI helps you to better know your customers and provides valuable and unfiltered insights into their questions and concerns.

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