Immersive technology: Enrich your world!


Article: Immersive technology: Enrich your world!

Whether it is used to plan new construction and infrastructure projects, train employees or carry out maintenance and repairs – virtual reality is changing the world of work, making it more intuitive, simpler to predict and easier to grasp.

Immersion is the effect created by a virtual reality (VR) environment, whereby the user's consciousness slips so far into the background that they perceive the virtual environment as real.*

Immersive technology either recreates all aspects of reality in a digital world, or enhances reality by providing the user with certain information. We are utilising our immersive solutions to improve Deutsche Bahn's operational performance by training rail operations staff and helping them to put what they have learned into practice.

Our 3D models of DB assets (e.g. buildings, technical assets, infrastructure, trains) not only provide the basis for training applications, but also facilitate reliable planning processes.

Engaging Virtual Education

3D & VR training applications
We make sure that operations staff are perfectly trained to do their jobs.


3D models of DB assets
We recreate DB assets in 3D models so people can make better planning decisions and communicate them better too.

*Source: Wikipedia