Mobilität Simpel (Mobility Simple) – recording the use of modes of transport within the DB Group

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Mobility Simple

Recognising usage contexts through data from mobile end-user devices

Article: Mobilität Simpel (Mobility Simple) – recording the use of modes of transport within the DB Group

The services answer questions about use of modes of transport simple and quick.

Mobilität Simpel’s services are used to quickly and easily answer questions about user context in modes of transport.

People use public transport to move around all the time, and they use different digital solutions depending on their usage context. There is often a lack of data of sufficient quality to help align services and processes with the needs of customers and employees.

This is why the mobile terminal data that can be used pursuant to Deutsche Bahn data protection guidelines is only partially accessible.

  • Is my user currently on a train?
  • Which station is my user at?
  • Which route/connection is my user using?
  • Which train is my user on?
  • Where did my user board/leave the train?
The services

User-train correlation: this service allows the mode of transport to be identified by means of user position information.

Regional train search: this service permits querying of all trains within a certain search radius where the position information is known.

Station progression determination: the team determines station progression by means of the stops/stations on the basis of a route.

Station progression matching: the team determines the modes of transport along a chain of stations using timetable-based matching.

Transport association identification: Mobilität Simpel recognises the transport association by means of user position information.

CO2 Travel Footprint: this service allows you to calculate the CO2 emissions of DB passenger transport using distances.

Benefits of the technology:
  • Deutsche Bahn data protection and IT security standards
  • Enhance the quality of processes and services for your regional and local public transport users by collecting anonymised movement profiles
  • Easy integration into existing applications as API or Software Development Kit (SDK) for iOS and Android
  • Easy accessibility via the DB Systel BusinessHub API portal

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