Holo Assist – AR support for technicians


Article: Holo Assist – AR support for technicians

We provide your operational employees with the information they need to perform many kinds of repairs safely.

Holo Assist takes technicians step-by-step through even complex repairs on the actual object. Mixed reality glasses display animated holograms and provide valuable, targeted support during repairs. Technicians receive all the information they need to complete difficult operations to exacting quality standards.

Holo Assist - Technician with VR glasses

This enables parts that are normally covered or not visible to be viewed with a kind of X-ray vision. Instead of repair instructions learned by heart, technicians have the right information at their fingertips, where it is needed – during the repair itself.

The benefits of Holo Assist:

  • Hands-free – the technician has both hands free to carry out repairs
  • Augmentation – i.e. computer-assisted, enhanced presentation of real machines, vehicles, tools and spare parts
  • Specific, repair knowledge displayed in the centre of the glasses
  • Increased safety and quality
  • No media incompatibilities

Holo Assist – the third eye for repairs.
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