EVE - Interactive 3-D & VR learning applications


Article: EVE - Interactive 3-D & VR learning applications

New work processes need to be mastered. DB uses Engaging Virtual Education (EVE) to provide practical training with no need for physical learning objects.

Virtual reality (VR) is the representation and simultaneous perception of reality and its physical characteristics in an interactive virtual environment that is computer generated in real time.*

To help employees complete complex work processes reliably, DB uses Engaging Virtual Education (EVE) - a VR environment developed in-house to train its employees.

What makes EVE so special?

EVE provides basic functions for a VR application, on the basis of which we develop your custom solution. We integrate new functions and tools into the basic application and provide them to everyone for future projects.

EVE is marketed with a simple licensing model for each VR system. We support the standard VR glasses and also create your application optionally as a 3-D real-time application for PCs or mobile devices.

EVE training 

Enterprises such as Deutsche Bahn have lots of complex work processes, with large numbers of employees requiring training. Training opportunities in real operation are, however, often limited or prove costly. Potential hazardous situations cannot be trained realistically either.

EVE training allows your employees to learn in a realistic virtual environment the work steps required for their work. As a result, they learn how to respond reliably – especially in the kind of critical situations they rarely encounter.

Our team has many years of experience in developing 3-D and . We sit down with you to analyse your technical work processes and develop effective employee training based on EVE.

Your benefits

  • Practical training with no need for physical learning objects
  • Virtual reality glasses with motion detection allow users to assimilate knowledge quickly through learning by doing
  • Less need for physical learning objects and elimination of travel saves time and cost
  • Control via a single button makes operation intuitive
  • Safety-critical situations can be trained with zero risk
  • Tablet app provides real-time support through trainer

*Source: Wikipedia