ZERO.ONE.DATA uncovers hidden data treasures

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ZERO.ONE.DATA takes data usage to the next level

Article: ZERO.ONE.DATA uncovers hidden data treasures

DB Systel's first in-house start-up breaks through the structural data barriers. It utilises the unlimited, intragroup data pools for ingenious products offering tremendous potential – such as the data lake.

DB Systel’s venture Zero.One.Data (Z.O.D) breaks through the structural data barriers at DB. It uses the extensive intragroup data pools for innovative ideas and products. Z.O.D supports recovery of undreamt-of data treasures and generates added value from DB Group data. Z.O.D is breaking new ground with innovative technologies in order to support the DB Group in its digitalisation efforts.

Data mountains in all business units are growing in the age of digitalisation. Data is collected and stored, yet seldom linked intelligently and reused. ZERO.ONE.DATA has set itself the target of making lasting improvements to Deutsche Bahn by discovering new correlations in integrated data pools and deriving novel data-driven services and business models from them. Topic fields from the venture range from big data and artificial intelligence to predictive analytics. The results are visualised in state-of-the-art dashboards and tailored to suit the customer’s needs.

How you can benefit from our ideas

Displaying data streams is often already a major step toward understanding processes and provides some initial insights. In the disparate use cases, key performance indicators can be displayed that improve the decision-making basis, help cut costs and enhance efficiency. This way, correlated data is used to generate an ever-increasing business benefit.

Use cases will be used to provide you with a broadly applicable tender for adaptation of your data strategy and the architecture required for it.

Specific benefits offered by ZERO.ONE.DATA:

  • Produce agile results that can be presented quickly
  • Joint development of innovative data-driven business models
  • Support with identification of use cases
  • Use of existing infrastructure for big data architectures
  • Establishment of a data catalogue
  • State-of-the art data and analysis visualisations
  • Machine learning and predictive analytics expertise
  • Strong partner within Deutsche Bahn

Discover your undetected data treasures.
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