ZERO.ONE.DATA uncovers hidden data treasures

Article: ZERO.ONE.DATA uncovers hidden data treasures

DB Systel's first in-house start-up breaks through the structural data barriers. It utilises the unlimited, intragroup data pools for ingenious products offering tremendous potential – such as the data lake.

Data mountains in all business units are growing in the age of digitalisation. Data is collected, stored, yet seldom linked intelligently and reused. ZERO.ONE.DATA aims to uncover new correlations in integrated data pools and to derive innovative business models from this data.

Launched as a small, efficient team, ZERO.ONE.DATA now comprises 70 employees outside the Group structures, focussing on topics such as big data, data mining and predictive analytics. The team consists of agile unconventional thinkers with many years of expertise; individuals that are passionately interested in analysing existing data, looking for new data, combining data and identifying potential. The results are displayed in dashboards, which can be tailored at any time to customer needs.

You benefit from our ideas

Displaying data streams is often already a major step toward understanding processes and provides some initial insights. In the disparate use cases, key performance indicators, for instance, can be displayed that improve the decision-making basis, help cut costs and enhance efficiency. In addition, testing and fine-tuning can be done rapidly and affordably. And so, increasing volumes of data generate increasing business benefit.

Your data is safe with us

The Group's data privacy guidelines are of course followed. We offer permanent storage of data in line with big data requirements in our infrastructure. You specify how long the data should be available. ZERO.ONE.DATA deletes the data to order and logs the process.

Specific benefits offered by ZERO.ONE.DATA:

  • Deliver rapidly demonstrable results
  • Develop innovative business models jointly
  • Support in identifying use cases
  • Use of existing infrastructure at DB Systel
  • Includes possibility of upfront payments for prospective customers
  • Targeted customer focus
  • Rapid results through agile working methods

What we offer you:

Use Cases

We sit down with you to develop a proof of concept for a big data requirements specification defined by you. An experienced data scientist will be on hand to assist. The big data platform with analysis tools is available for your data, associated integration and for data analysis purposes. As a result, you can test the benefits of big data in practice, with detailed documentation of the results of the analysis, and derivation of specific recommended actions.

Consulting service

The ZERO.ONE.DATA specialists will provide you with detailed advice on how to leverage your specific business benefits from your data. We offer you secure data storage, integration and processing in compatible data formats. Quality analysis and data usage mean we can help you continuously analyse your business data. 

Business intelligence self-service

Our professional business intelligence solution (BI) for interactive analyses provides you with a wide range of options for displaying your data and make decision-making easier.

Platform performance

The data storage function is essentially an IaaS offering. We offer permanent storage of data in line with big data requirements in our infrastructure. This provides the basis for subsequent data processing and data usage.

Discover your undetected data treasures.
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