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AuRa – automated shunting


Article: AuRa – automated shunting

With AuRa, we help rail depots to develop an infrastructure that is fit for the future by combining operations planning solutions with automated control of shunting vehicles.

AuRa optimises shunting movements and, as far as possible, allows them to take place without any human intervention. This reduces the burden on plants by allowing work to continue whether or not shunting staff are available.

This has significant advantages for shunting in maintenance depots, for example. Shunting orders are entered into an operations planning system, optimised, translated into control commands and transmitted to shunting vehicles via radio. Shunting vehicles are equipped with the appropriate sensor technology and can automatically couple and uncouple wagons, while ensuring safety by monitoring the area for obstacles throughout the entire manoeuvre.

At the same time, the track is adjusted via radio (switches, signals and so on) and railroad crossings are controlled for mixed traffic.

We developed AuRa in-house as a central IT system to integrate and control all the components required. We procure the missing components (e.g. radio-controlled switches) and integrate existing components into the overall system.

Your advantages with AuRa:

  • 24/7 operation
  • High standard of safety ensured by sensor technology
  • Elimination of downtime due to unavailability of shunting staff (e.g. due to illness or a lack of junior staff)
  • Low operating costs

AuRa – automated shunting.
An innovation from the DB Systel Skydeck Accelerator.