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Artificial intelligence

Everyone is talking about AI – what is it all about? And have you already been introduced to our new, smart tool? It helps promote understanding and can even bring dead knowledge back to life.

Article: Assistify – communicate better and faster

Assistify improves and accelerates communications in customer support and in project teams through the use of artificial intelligence (AI). The DB Systel venture strives to bring dead knowledge back to life.

You will be familiar with the problem encountered in many everyday situations: when applying for a job, you have questions which the careers website does not answer. Or a new colleague has questions on a work process… In situations like these where the workflow has stalled, Assistify can help, speed things up, and make life easier by providing information.

Assistify aids understanding. And speeds up the advice process.

The tool Assistify supports human communications with artificial intelligence. It understands the conversation and helps discussion participants to answer questions quickly. It searches through historic conversations and existing knowledge sources for similar content, which it displays in the current communications flow. As such, Assistify speeds up communications and collaboration on ideas.

The tool provides the connection between experts and people seeking help and is actively integrated in the answer process. It assists the discussion participants in an intuitive chat by implicitly searching in internal DB knowledge sources. This provides the Deutsche Bahn Group with an intelligent communications solution for collaboration and for customer support.

The benefits of Assistify:

Intelligent, self-learning operation
  • The person seeking help asks a question in the chat. This is automatically forwarded to the relevant experts.
  • Assistify conducts a semantic analysis of the chat flow in the background. It understands what the chat participants are talking about and recognises what help is needed.
  • In real time and in tune with the problem, Assistify offers a selection of potential solutions directly in the chat – from sources such as  file shares, wikis, FAQs and websites.
  • Experts and help seekers can see the proposed solutions at the same time, can exchange the suggestions in the chat or mark them as relevant.
  • Assistify remembers correct solutions that have already been found and continuously learns in this way.
Infinite applications
  • Overall, numerous customer support desks in the DB Group, and Deutsche Bahn expert and project teams can be integrated and benefit from Assistify.
  • Ideal for providing assistance with customer and user support and for service desk employees, for communicating between project teams, for rolling out new systems, new software versions and releases, for onboarding or for career changers.
  • Assistify offers considerable potential for savings in customer support.

Benefits of the new technology:

  • Reduced workload
    Experts are supported with resolving queries and with recurring  tasks.
  • Acceleration
    Experts are empowered to deliver solutions rapidly. Enquirers can help themselves. All of which cuts annoying wait times.
  • Focus
    The time gained can be used to focus more effectively on essential tasks.

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