Video analysis raises Deutsche Bahn service to a new level


Article: Video analysis raises Deutsche Bahn service to a new level

Intelligent video analysis enables ever better analysis of individual images and video material, and ever more information to be gained from it. In real time, centrally in the cloud or even decentrally. And wirelessly too if necessary.

Detecting how much snow is on the ground is one of the many tasks where video analysis provides reliable, effective support. Cameras installed on platforms regularly capture an image and send that image to the weather service centre. An all-new video analytics tool was trained to recognise the current snow conditions.

Virtually in real time it analyses the weather conditions, provides a decision-making basis for dispatching the snow clearing teams and can check automatically whether the snow was cleared in the agreed time slot. This winter, the system will be put through its paces at selected stations during prototype operation.


Camera eye linked to IT intelligence

Intelligent video analysis is particularly suited to increasing rail transport safety. For instance by detecting open train doors. The tool can determine in real time whether all the doors are closed as a train leaves the station.

With freight wagons, object recognition can be used to read the identification number. The challenge is that the wagon numbers are difficult to recognise on the images. Video analysis also allows damage on containers to be pinpointed and movement histories of equipment to be tracked, thus supporting claims for damages.

Wide-ranging applications:

  • Detecting weather conditions on platforms to manage service providers, e.g. snow clearance teams
  • Damage detection to optimise maintenance, e.g. on trains, buildings, electricity pylons
  • Object detection on plans, e.g. as part of aerial photo analysis
  • Object tracking, e.g. in logistics or at the station for passenger flow analysis, left suitcases, etc.
  • People counting, e.g. on trains or at the station

Tailor-made solutions and standardised services can be effectively incorporated into existing system landscapes and provide answers to very different requirements.

Benefits of the new technology:

  • Optimise workflows
    Automatic video analysis supports smooth operations
  • Optimise service
    With new services, you help your customers find their way around
  • Generate added value
    You use an existing framework for a profitable innovation
  • Improve Image
    As an early adopter you can take on a pioneering role

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